Playlist: New Discoveries 6/14

Playlist: New Discoveries - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Finneas, and Diana Ross & Tame Impala
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia


When giving “Spitting off the Edge of the World” an initial listen, it took me less than 30-seconds to message a link of it to my younger sister. I also typed out specific directions that she had to play it at 2 a.m. while driving on Lake Rd. with the windows fully down. The song evokes the feeling often seen in a coming-of-age indie film after the moment when the narrator accepts that they’ve crossed over from childhood to adulthood. The song was built for that moment. Or at least that is what it feels like while listening. The feeling of staring down your entire future as a young person and the mix of emotions that come with it. 

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a slightly different context to the track. Karen O, the lead vocalist for the band, wrote in a statement that the song is about the younger generation tackling the climate crisis. Specifically, how they are “confronting what’s coming with anger and defiance.” She went on, “It’s galvanizing, and there’s hope there.” 

The track comes as the Yeah Yeah Yeah's first release since their 2013 album Mosquito and is a teaser of what’s to come from their upcoming studio album set to release on September 31st, 2022. The album’s title, Cool it Down, while a reference to a track off of the Velvet Underground’s 1970 Loaded, also foreshadows the likelihood of the climate crisis being a common thread throughout. 

- Kira Weaver, Staff Writer



Who would have guessed that out of all recent projects, the soundtrack of Minions: The Rise of Gru would give us the most unusual but absolutely immaculate pairing? “Turn Up The Sunshine” from Diana Ross and Tame Impala is nothing short of groovy ’70s summer perfection. Ross’ vocals are highlighted so well by the very much classic Tame Impala melody. When placed among other reinvented ’70s music, which will make up the majority of the other songs in the rest of the movie’s soundtrack, it equally fits in and stands out, for it is so incredibly memorable and catchy! It’s impossible not to turn up the volume on “Turn Up The Sunshine!”

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



Finneas’ new song “Naked” explores the aftermath of a bitter breakup. With a tone of indifference, he sings, “If you see me walk by, maybe you should be shy.” “Naked” is Finneas’ first new song of 2022. The attention-catching title phrase is sung throughout the song — “I can’t believe you’ve seen me naked.” Lyrically, Finneas addresses feelings of disillusionment after a breakup. In the music video, the catchy beginning sees Finneas sing, “La-da-da, la-da-da-da-da.” He then dances to his music in a seemingly free and easygoing trance. Viewers get a sense that the singer is in a state of recuperation from the bad breakup but that he doesn’t care because he is relieved. He ends how he started with a “la-da-da.” This signifies the way we should feel when we’re done with a relationship. 

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer


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