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Lucy Dacus, of “Night Shift” and Boygenius fame, has added another notch to her proverbial belt of covers with the release of “It’s Too Late.” The track was originally recorded by Carole King. Dacus first released the cover exclusively on vinyl, alongside a rendition of another of King’s classics, “Home Again.” Her version brings a fresh indie-rock spin. 

The groovy ’70s combo of bongo, bass, and keys that King starts the song with are swapped out for a driving drum beat. She adds an angular, yet muted guitar line that sounds like it just strutted off of an album by the Police. Dacus delivers the verses with a quiet power that amps back up on the choruses. A guitar and solitary synth haunt the soundscape in between. Spooky season might officially be over, but this cover is — much like the original — timeless.

- Eden Unger, Staff Writer



Maryland-born-and-raised singer-songwriter Rayland Baxter returns to the music world with his new single “Rubberband Man.” In years past, Baxter has stayed true to his folk music origins, releasing a steady flow of soft, acoustic music. However, a new leaf has been turned over for the artist. 

“Rubberband Man” opens with a metallic kick-drum and ultra-compressed vocals. In effect, this shoves the listener into the digital-rock track they might not have expected to hear from the prolific artist. What follows next is three minutes of head-banging along to one of the sleekest, sexiest songs of the year. Through vocal performance alone, Baxter is able to let the listener know that he is somewhat shedding his roots and has found inspiration through other artists (think 2011 Taylor Swift collabing with Gorillaz). 

Upbeat and suave, spicy yet comforting, Rayland Baxter has created a masterpiece that is perfect for a “Driving to a First Date” playlist. Check out “Rubberband Man” and Rayland Baxter’s new album (also titled Rubberband Man) as a whole— you won’t regret it.

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer



Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven Ringheim, better known as Girl in Red, is connecting storyline threads in her music. Her song “October Passed Me By” is the sequel to “We Fell in Love in October,” released in 2018. Through the lyrics, she sings about the memory of the first time she loved another girl. She reveals to listeners, “I keep the letters that you wrote in a secret place. Every now and then, I go down memory lane.” The vulnerable track is guided beautifully by her gentle vocals and soft guitar. The two women are no longer together, but it’s hard for her to let go. “I made you my whole world. Always in the back of my mind, you'll be my girl.”

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer


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