Playlist: New Discoveries 8/24

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Long-time and well-known artist Billy Idol recently released his single “Bitter Taste,” his first release in seven years. Already receiving lots of positive attention, “Bitter Taste” is set to be the first song on Idol’s upcoming EP. The song begins with a slower exposition with a hint of country in the opening verse. The chorus picks up but includes darker themes and lyrics that are incredibly retrospective of not just this past year, but his whole life. Be sure to take a listen to “Bitter Taste” and stay updated, because more new music is coming soon!

Erin Norton, Staff Writer


“Spin It Faster” by Jamaican reggae icon Ziggy Marley and renowned American multi-instrumentalist Ben Harper is the perfect song to lift your spirits. The track is slow and relaxed but the groovy instrumentation and lyrics encourage listeners to get moving. Marley sings, “hard times they will come, but hard times they’ll be gone,” later encouraging a DJ to liven up the music. In an interview with American Songwriter, Ben Harper said he’s working on a reggae album, “Spin It Faster” being the first of the collection. While we wait for more from the two talented musicians, keep dancing to this feel-good track.

Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


Keeping with the mood-boosting theme, listening to Dermot Kennedy’s latest, “Better Days,” feels like being lifted out of a fog. The song starts with gentle piano as Kennedy comes in with a conviction-filled tone, repeatedly singing “better days are coming for you.” Soon, the beat picks up dramatically and a Gaelic background choir comes in with vocals that radiate warmth. “Soon we’ll be dancing in the sun…and we’ll sing our song together,” he promises. The Irish singer released his debut album in 2019 and many are speculating that a second album is in the works. Kennedy just wrapped up his U.S. tour at the Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston on August 19th. Hopefully, Kennedy will be back soon with more tunes as good as “Better Days!”

Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



There’s always something special about Sufjan Stevens songs. Maybe it’s the way they crawl into your heart so easily you don’t even notice. Or how you can understand the emotion of the song without really knowing why. “Back to Oz,” featuring his former act opener turned collaborator Angelo De Augustine, feels the same way. It’s a song that you can get caught up in musically with its brightness. And, of course, the vocals are beautiful. This song is a part of an album – out on September 24th – of 14 songs all based on popular movies. After seeing what they’ve done with “The Wizard of Oz,” I can’t wait for their take on other films.

Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator

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