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WERS 88.9FM New Discoveries Playlist: Caamp, Old Sea Brigade, Young the Giant
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia


Imagine the perfect TV show-worthy summer road trip montage. You have your hands on the wheel and are looking straight at the road which has beautiful cotton candy skies hovering over it, all while blasting on the stereo a sweet and cheerful love song. The single “The Otter” released this June by indie-folk trio Caamp, is the perfect song for such a montage. “It’s kind of like one of those long winding road songs,” said Caamp member Matt Vinson in a short interview for their YouTube channel

In this single from their album Lavender Days, singer-songwriter Taylor Meier compares himself to an “unfamiliar otter” who’s “floating in deep water” as he finds himself falling deeply in love. The single’s guitar and banjo-driven melody paired with Meier’s storytelling captivates and fills you with a joy and sweetness like no other. 

- Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer



Young the Giant’s “The Walk Home” comes with the release of Act II of the band’s upcoming four-part album American Bollywood. The lyrics are reminiscent of the theme of “home” that comes up often in their songwriting. “The Walk Home” is a medley of self-discovery as the band takes us on a journey of realizing that you are the only one you need. The simple refrain of “can somebody walk me home?” echoes throughout the song, interwoven with uplifting guitar riffs. It’s a reflection on the person you were and who you will become.

- Cate Cianci, Staff Writer



Old Sea Brigade frontman Ben Cramer reveals to listeners he’s taking steps to cope with his feelings in his song “Monochrome.” Cramer sings, “I'm thinking fast and talking with my therapist. Keep going in circles but maybe that's the point of it.” In a press release, he talked about the hidden emotions in his lyrics. He stated, “I’m often drawn to songs that are sonically different from their lyrical meaning. Trent and I wrote it to reflect the, sometimes, monotonous periods of adult life. For me, the song longs for the perfect chance to break free, about finding joy in the day to day.” It is with a soft, soothing voice that he sings the title lyric, “I live in monochrome.” Amidst the merry, calm tunes from the song, listeners are ultimately left wanting to break away from living in monochrome. 

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer


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