Playlist: New Discoveries 7/6

New Discoveries 7/6
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Local artist Alisa Amador stuns listeners with her smooth voice and groovy vibe in her new song, "Timing." This bilingual artist is no stranger to the industry as she toured with her parent's band, Sol y Canto. Her self-assured nature in her performance is solidly felt in this song. Not only can you sense her own musical drive and talent, you can almost feel how she puts her soul into her multi-genre art. Keep an ear out for a lovely horn section that truly elevates the track. Alisa Amador is a prime example of the amazing music Boston churns out with "Timing."

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



American indie-rock band Cold War Kids blessed our ears with the track, "What You Say." It comes off of their third album release of a trilogy, New Age Norms 3. The song catches your attention from the start with elevating guitar riffs and the urgency of classic rock. Reminiscent of "You're Not Good Enough" by Blood Orange, "What You Say" explores funky beats and hazy electronica. But Cold War Kids' latest stands out because of its unique treading bassline and funk-rock-inspired beats.

The lyrics reflect on the difficult process of exposing our real selves to someone and in turn, being afraid of criticism. "I'm waiting till I find someone who will take me as I am," they sing alongside a triumphant and catchy rhythm. Repetitive in nature, the track's lyricism is quite serious. But Cold War Kids' signature soulful vocals and chaotic, funky synthesized beats harmonize to give the song an uplifting tone.

- Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer



An all-star trio of musicians teamed up to make this anthem for one of the world's biggest sporting events. "We Are the People" by Martin Garrix, featuring Bono and The Edge of U2, is the official song of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. What starts as subtle vocals and instrumentation grow fierce and uplifting as the track progresses. "You pull hope from defeat in the night," Bono belts, among other lyrics of unity and joy. While the Euro 2020 tournament wraps up this week, "We Are the People" will continue to capture the spirit of the games for sports fans.

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


"Missing Piece," Vance Joy's new feel-good song, speaks to the hearts of listeners who dealt with separation from loved ones during the pandemic. While the verses touch on the hollowing feeling of the inability to be social and around people, the chorus illustrates the happiness that comes with reunion. Even though "Missing Piece" was recently released, it's already received acclaim and earned a spot on Grey's Anatomy's soundtrack. This post-lockdown jam is a great upbeat song. Plus, it has the same indie-folk sound we know and love from Vance Joy's other hits.

- Erin Norton, Staff Writer

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