Playlist: New Discoveries 10/5

Wavves, Indigo De Souza, and Adia Victoria
Graphics by Ainsley Basic


It’s been three years since their last music release, their 2017 album You’re Welcome, but alas, Wavves is back! “Sinking Feeling” is the debut single off of their new album Hideaway and continues their music’s enraged-with-the-world sound. The song is about a wave of depression that “no matter what you do or where you go it follows you” said frontman Nathan William. This idea is well interpreted in the song through William’s constant repetition of the title lyrics “sinking feeling.” Wavves reminds listeners that depression is ever-present; the feeling doesn’t turn on and off. The band’s fall 2021 tour kicked off last Friday, October 1st and they’ll perform at Big Night Live in Boston on October 27th if you’re local and interested!

- Grace Clendening, Staff Writer



Off of Adia Victoria’s new record, A Southern Gothic, comes a chilling blues cover “You Was Born To Die”. The song features Kyshona Armstrong and Margo Price singing along with Victoria, each with such varied voices. All of their voices have a different hint of either country, folk, or soul, coming together in the song so beautifully. The three distinct voices help open up the song during the verses and completely expand their perfect harmonies. Victoria also asked Jason Isbell to join them on the song playing guitar. In the song’s press release she said “he makes a guitar talk like it can speak to the devil.” Rattling underneath the dark message, the guitar perfectly grounds the song.

- Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator



From her first words and her first music video shot, Indigo De Souza lets us into her world. Soft and clean, white and green, a collection of images and faces, hands and bodies. The tap of the hi-hat, her sleepy eyes and her simple needs put us in a trance. The song’s unexpected turn matches the video’s inexplicable, contagious energy. As the screen is filled and the tempo builds, Indigo’s life becomes full.

“Hold U,” as de Souza describes, is about a kind of simple love that allows others the space to celebrate expression, authenticity, humanity, and compassion. “Community is the purest kind of magic and can heal so much trauma and pain,” de Souza told Stereogum. “We only truly have space to process our lives openly if we feel safe and are encouraged to love ourselves.” This raw and all-too-human desire for companionship is evident in the sound and words of “Hold U.” When we can love, as de Souza and her community showcase, when we can all promise to hold each other, “it’s gonna be alright.”

- Sam Goodman, Staff Writer


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