Artists with Iconic Fashions to Recreate This Halloween

Artists with Iconic Fashions to Recreate This Halloween, Halloween, Costume, WERS 88.9 FM
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Steal their look! Our writing staff takes you through nine artists to dress up as this Halloween and exactly how to pull them off. From a bejeweled bra to a hunk of raw beef, find out what musicians we hope you’ll want to emulate. 



It’s a running joke in my family that I’m John Lennon reincarnated, so I simply had to choose him as my Halloween costume a couple of years ago. And luckily, he has plenty of iconic looks to choose from. Conveniently pulled straight from my closet, I paired blue jeans with a matching denim jacket. If you’re feeling fancy you can buy or D.I.Y. a white shirt with “New York City” written in black font, but I just went with a plain black tee. And the piece de resistance is John’s circle polaroid sunglasses.

An alternate and equally iconic look is John’s Abbey Road album cover all-white suit. This goes especially well if you have a friend willing to wear a white dress and outfit themselves like Yoko Ono. I desperately tried to convince several friends to be the Yoko to my J.L. to no success, but here’s a message to everyone who wants to take on the look of this infamous Beatles: You don’t need a Yoko Ono to “Shine On” this Halloween. 

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Think eccentric, think color, think Starman. With so many memorable looks ranging from a casual suit to a full glam onesie, David Bowie has many flexible and fun costume inspirations that won’t break the bank this Halloween. Here are some of my personal favorites…

Starting off strong with Aladdin Sane, this is a simple outfit that focuses on makeup glam. Throw on a white dress or suit, black or red boots, and finally, the iconic full-face blue and red lightning strike and then you are ready to hit the town.

Next up, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. This one can be a group costume! This look requires a matching gray, red, and white striped shirt and pants set. For the finishing touch, find yourself a pair of bright red knee-high boots and spike up that hair. The Spiders from Mars costumes that go with Ziggy offer a bit more wiggle room. Have your friends take some liberties with this one! Anything Mars, Space, and Spider related is perfect. The more creative, the better!

Last but not least for our Bowie Halloween looks, “Rebel Rebel.” For this last look, you need any style of bright red pants, a pair of brown boots, a pair of red suspenders, and any size patterned, navy top. Don’t forget the eyepatch and navy neckerchief!

It might be hard to pick just one of these looks to re-imagine for Halloween, but lucky for us, halloweekend means you could pick at least two. Happy Haunting! 

- Caitlin Molloy, Staff Writer



Between her fame from Blondie, the many photos she modeled for, and the Andy Warhol painting of her, Debbie Harry is arguably one of the most recognizable faces in rock and roll history. Her iconic outfits and striking appearance make her the perfect musician to impersonate this Halloween. Start your costume with some heavy smokey eye makeup, and maybe a wig if you don’t already have blonde hair. Next, choose your favorite of the singer’s many famous looks to dress up in.

For a unique group outfit, grab a white dress, and a group of friends with suits, to recreate the album cover of Parallel Lines, which features some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Heart of Glass” and “One Way or Another.” Not only will music fans instantly recognize this ensemble, but it will also make for a fantastic group photo.

If you would prefer a solo costume, photographers captured Debbie Harry in two yellow t-shirts so frequently that they have become famous in their own right. As such, you can easily find both her “Vultures” and “Camp Funtime” shirts online. Pair this with a black skirt, shorts, or bikini bottoms, add a studded belt and people will request to hear “Call Me” instead of the “Monster Mash” at your Halloween party.

- Annie Sarlin, Staff Writer



If you’re looking for a super simple iconic, and perhaps a bit controversial halloween this year, look no further! For this Matty Healy costume, all you need is a white button-down, a black tie and black slacks. If you want to make your costume really apparent, make sure to have his signature messy slicked back hair and a piece of raw beef to nibble on, just like what he did at the 1975’s MSG show in 2022. And guess what!? This can also double as another musical costume too! Get two more friends, wear the same thing, skip the meat, and then you’re boygenius

- Erin Norton, Staff Writer



For many years, a skeleton costume was just a skeleton costume. That is, until Phoebe Bridgers came along. The indie rockstar trademarked the spooky look in 2020 following the release of her sophomore album Punisher. From concerts to red carpets to music videos, Bridgers is consistently suited up in skeleton attire. There are many ways to achieve Phoebe’s iconic look this Halloween. You can buy a skeleton costume from a store (like I did freshman year) or if you want to flaunt your craft skills, you can crochet a skeleton vest. Either way, you are bound to impress any fellow pharbz you encounter. Complete your look with a platinum blonde wig and you’re ready to go! 

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



Maybe for Halloween, you want to be taken to church. If this sounds like you, get your voluminous brown wig and beard ready to be everyone’s favorite Irish man, Mr. “Take Me to Church,” Andrew John Hozier-Byrne. Dressing up as Hozier is pretty easy if you disregard the whole being 6’6” thing. If you’ve got that it’s an added bonus, but for us on the shorter side here’s where you should start…

First, I recommend sticking with a color palette reminiscent of a rainy autumn day. For a base, you can choose between a button-up shirt or a sweater with a pair of black or brown pants (green if you’re feeling feisty). For shoes, you can’t go wrong with a pointed boot or a Dr. Marten. To top off the outfit portion, choose between a leather or a spacious denim jacket. If you are trying to encapsulate 2015 Hozier, a flannel complements that era of his music well, so you could add that too! As aforementioned, a long brown wig and beard will really make this costume recognizable; some man bun action is also optional (I encourage it).

After all of this, my personal favorite piece, for those of you who really love Hozier’s most recent album Unreal Unearth— recreate the album cover by grabbing a daisy and popping it in your mouth. A glass of “Cherry Wine” would also be a nice touch. Just don’t swallow the flower!

- Ella Mastroianni, Staff Writer



The queen of the scene might just become the queen of Halloween. Hayley Williams — of Paramore fame — has had many fashion eras, but her two most distinct looks come from the band’s Paramore and This is Why albums. To start with, any colored wig will be fine, but Williams is most known for her orange and pink, micro banged mullet in 2013 or her toned-down ginger that she has had most recently. Graphic eyeliner of any color will be your friend for this costume, but feel free to experiment with glitter in your base makeup as well. Next, you’ll need to fashion an outfit to match the unique silhouette of her performance looks.

All you will need to match the cover of Paramore is a white shirt, jean jacket, and black jeans. If you are really into DIYing your costumes, you can add the phrase “grow up” in white onto the back of the jacket. The green paint stain on her hand is completely optional, but a fun touch if added!

If you’re choosing to go with the This is Why cover, an oversized, white collared-shirt will do. Pair it with thigh-high white socks that are opaque and a yellow heel for the complete look. If you’re looking for a bit more whimsy with your This is Why costume, feel free to copy Hayley’s intense makeup from the remix album cover inspired by a Marlene Dumas painting. “Ain’t it Fun” to imagine yourself as Hayley Williams for Halloween? I sure think so!

- Ren Gibson, Staff Writer



If you're looking for a costume that will make you shine this Halloween,  A costume inspired by American-Tejano singer Selena's impeccable and iconic fashion will literally have you shining.

The "Queen of Tejano music" was known for her unforgettable bedazzled black bra and high-waisted black pants she wore at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo back in 1993. You can DIY her iconic top by getting a black bra or black bandeau and bejeweling it. While Selena used Swarovski crystals to bling out her bra, you can just run to your local craft store for some silver and gold rhinestones. Next, you will need your favorite pair of high-waisted black pants. Black leggings could work, too. And you can't forget accessories! For accessories, you will need some sparkly, silver hoop earrings, a black belt with a gold buckle, and to top it off, a  black fiddler cap. Selena’s hat is also Bedazzled, but since halloween is around the corner, you can just keep it plain if you desire. Now you are ready to shine this Halloween with this Selena-inspired costume. 

- Madison Ruiz, Staff Writer



Lana Del Rey has always had a very specific vintage old Hollywood style that would be perfect to recreate for Halloween. She has many iconic looks that can be recreated with her large discography.

My personal favorite look of hers would be the cover of her album Lust for Life. All you need is a white long-sleeved dress and flowers to put in your hair. You also can’t forget her signature black winged eyeliner. Add red heart-shaped sunglasses to pull together this look. It’s super easy, yet a very identifiable outfit to recreate.

If you wanted to do this costume with someone else, her other album Norman F***ing Rockwell would make the perfect couples or duo costume. One person needs a green button-up and black pants and the other person needs a black long-sleeved shirt and cargo pants. Both of these outfits are simple, but accurate ways to recreate her most notable looks.

- Isabelle Pan, Staff Writer

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