4 Artists Getting Creative On Tour

Tall Heights Artists Getting Creative On Tour
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Since the pandemic hit over a year ago, many artists have been forced to find creative ways to keep the live music experience alive for listeners. Concerts as we once knew them may be slowly making their return, but many musicians are keeping the creative spirit alive with their tours. From unconventional to historical, here are four artists with interesting performances in the books.


Boston-based indie-folk duo Tall Heights took to social media last year to see if any fans would be willing to host a socially-distant outdoor show in their backyards. After an overwhelmingly positive response, they ended up having a string of sold-out shows around the New England area. Inspired by its success, the band decided to keep it going with the “Tall Heights 2021 Backyard Tour.” Not only do the property owners have cool bragging rights, every concert-goer walks away with a special experience as well. Despite COVID restrictions, backyard shows provide unique character and an unmatchable level of intimacy. 

Where you can see Tall Heights locally: Tall Heights recently wrapped up the New England leg of their backyard tour and has expanded out to the West Coast. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a backyard show without having gone in person, the band recently kicked off a series of recordings from the shows titled “In the Backyard.”


As live music makes its return, a few big names such as Lorde have announced scaled back tours, choosing to play small venues even though they could easily sell out larger ones. 21 Pilots is taking this concept to the next level with their “Takeover Tour.” The alternative duo that formed out of Columbus, Ohio in 2009 will play three to four different shows at every stop. This gives fans the chance to choose what kind of concert experience they prefer best - whether it be the dynamic experience of being a part of a sold-out stadium show or the more personal feel of a small music hall. 

Where you can see 21 Pilots locally: 21 Pilots will play in Boston for three consecutive nights - the Paradise Rock Club on October 18th, the House of Blues on the 19th, the Agganis Arena on the 20th, and then a fourth date at TD Garden on October 23rd.


Having recently released her sophomore album Different Kinds of Light, Jade Bird is giving fans a unique opportunity to hear her latest songs live. The England-based artist is going to different record stores around the U.K. to sign merch, meet fans and put on a live performance. It seems there is a level of spontaneity to the shows as well. Jade Bird took to Twitter to share pictures of her at the small gigs, writing in all-caps, “THE RECORD STORE TOUR CONTINUES!” She kicked off her return to live music at Banquet Record in Kingston followed by a stop at Rough Trade in Bristol.

Where you can see Jade Bird locally: Jade Bird will play Brighton Music Hall on October 17th and return to Massachusetts for the Levitate Music and Arts Festival in Marshfield in July 2022.


In his home state of Mississippi, blues funk artist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram will headline a hot air balloon festival in Sanchez. The annual festival is held at the historic pre-Civil War mansion Rosalie Mississippi State Dar and will take place on Saturday, October 16th. The following month on November 18th, Ingram will perform at Sixth & I, a historic non-denominational synagogue in Washington D.C. 

Where you can see Christone “Kingfish” Ingram locally: No Massachusetts dates yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to witness Ingram’s electrifying sound locally in the near future.

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