April Show Reviews: Andrew Bird, Caroline Polachek and Caroline Rose

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Graphics by Kaileigh Clark

April was an exciting month for Boston music lovers! Some of our favorite musicians, including Andrew Bird, Caroline Polachek, and Caroline Rose, brought the house down at local venues.

Check out our staff writers' reviews of these show-stopping performances:

Photography by Mina Rose Morales


By Eden Unger, Staff Writer

Artist: Andrew Bird

Venue: MGM Music Hall at Fenway

When: Thursday, April 13th


The Andrew Bird show at MGM Music Hall at Fenway was a carefully curated and expertly planned experience.

First, Ted Poor took to the stage. He is an incredibly skilled drummer who makes drumming melodic, rather than simply rhythmic. Poor played an undeniably infectious groove that had audience members bobbing their heads during his entire set.

Next, Madison Cunningham transported the crowd back to the 70s with her soaring vocals and sweet guitar playing. Her set was an emotional rollercoaster, and by the time it ended, there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

Last, but certainly not least, was Andrew Bird. Over the course of the night, Bird strummed, picked, and fiddled his heart out. He delighted fans with classics like "Sisyphus" and "Lone Didion."

Additionally, Cunningham and Poor actually accompanied Bird for the duration of his set, in what felt like the perfect culmination of the night.


Photography by Aleiagh Hynds


By Erin Norton, Membership Assistant

Artist: Caroline Polachek 

Venue: Roadrunner

When: Saturday, April 15th


This concert was truly life-altering. Seeing Caroline Polachek live should not be reserved for her fans alone. New fans and those who have never even heard Polachek's music can enjoy this beautiful, heart-wrenching, and altogether brilliant experience that is the Spiraling Tour.

The concert was non-stop music from start to finish. Absolutely jaw-dropping lyrics were accompanied by an incredible stage presence.

First, Polachek opened the concert with her hit song “Welcome To My Island." This track is also the first song on her latest album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You.

Throughout the performance, she took fans on an emotional rollercoaster. Polachek mixed and matched her more upbeat songs like “Pretty In Possible” and “Sunset” with deeply reflective ones like “Door” and “Butterfly Net.”

Overall, this performance proved the long standing theory that music has healing properties. With her vulnerable lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and overall musical expertise, Polachek put on an unforgettable performance.


Photography by Mina Rose Morales


By Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer

Artist: Caroline Rose 

Venue: Royale

When: Thursday, April 6th


Caroline Rose has been hyping up their tour light show on social media, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Rose opened their set with “Love / Lover / Friend,” sitting on a stool with their guitar. They were lit with one spotlight. Throughout the night, an array of purple lights appeared, revealing the musician’s shadow at different angles. These lights were symbolic—when Rose broke into a vulnerable yell, the purple lights flashed and the shadows disappeared and reappeared chaotically. 

For their song “Miami,” a blue sky with shifting white clouds made its way through the projection mapping. Additionally, the stage flashed red and yellow during intense instrumental breaks, revealing the shadows of each band member.

Yet, the most iconic light of the night was not from the light show. In moments when the venue was completely dark, Rose pointed a flashlight at themself, their band members, and their fans. They joked that this was the best light of the show.

There were a few playful moments throughout the show where Rose would randomly disappear. When the spotlight rediscovered their presence, they were on the bar, walking through the audience, and performing in the center of the crowd. 

Throughout the night, they teased the audience: “Can you guess where I am? You know I like danger.” 

Ultimately, Rose had the audience on their toes all night, but they were most thrilled when the musician crowd surfed. Rose paused in the middle of “The Kiss,” the room went dark, and they disappeared. Fans screamed when they found Rose on the bar counter. “I trust you all,” Rose confessed, then fell backward into the audience.

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