Show Review: Caroline Rose Remembers Everything on “The Art of Forgetting” Tour

Photography by Mina Rose Morales

By Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer

Artist: Caroline Rose 

Venue: Royale

When: Thursday, April 6th


Hammydown is the new School of Rock

Opening act Hammydown made their mark on Royale Boston with guitar solos and engaging conversations on Thursday, April 6th.

At the start of the show, Hammydown lead singer Abbie Morin yelled, “If you’re here tonight, it’s because you like sad, gay songs!” The musician followed this statement with a comment about how challenging it is to be a trans person in the U.S. right now. Subsequently, words of support flooded from the audience. All around the venue, people cheered affirmations—the most heartfelt one being, “You are so loved!”

Later, they humorously started a discussion about the film School of Rock. Morin paused in between songs to announce that they are a substitute teacher at an elementary school. “This is definitely a Jack Black moment, and I think we’re ready for that,” they exclaimed, “School of Rock has really been resonating with me.”


The Light Show

Caroline Rose has been hyping up their tour light show on social media. It was worth the wait.

Rose opened their set with “Love / Lover / Friend,” sitting on a stool with their guitar. They were lit with one spotlight. Throughout the night, an array of purple lights appeared, revealing the musician’s shadow at different angles. These lights were symbolic—when Rose broke into a vulnerable yell, the purple lights flashed and the shadows disappeared and reappeared chaotically. 

For their song “Miami,” a blue sky with shifting white clouds made its way through the projection mapping. Additionally, the stage flashed red and yellow during intense instrumental breaks, revealing the shadows of each band member.

Yet, the most iconic light of the night was not from the light show. In moments when the venue was completely dark, Rose pointed a flashlight at themself, their band members, and their fans. They joked that this was the best light of the show.


Crowdsurfing Caroline

There were a few playful moments throughout the show where Rose would randomly disappear. When the spotlight rediscovered their presence, they were on the bar, walking through the audience, and performing in the center of the crowd. 

Throughout the night, they teased the audience: “Can you guess where I am? You know I like danger.” 

Ultimately, Rose had the audience on their toes all night, but they were most thrilled when the musician crowd surfed. Rose paused in the middle of “The Kiss,” the room went dark, and they disappeared. Fans screamed when they found Rose on the bar counter. “I trust you all,” Rose confessed, then fell backward into the audience.

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