Reykjavik Calling

By Kate Bell

What could The Middle East, Reykjavik Iceland, and Boston Massachusetts all have in common?

Saturday night two worlds collided at the Middle East in Cambridge for a #tasteofIceland at the free Reykjavik calling concert. The concert was apart of a four day festival that showcased the culture of Iceland right here in Boston. The event thus far has had an impeccable success rate.

The packed event brought together four bands, two from Iceland, and two from Boston, who created an atmosphere of fun and culture at the same time. Boston local band Nemes opened the show amping up the crowd.

After a crowd-pleasing forty minute set, Ceasetone, a native Icelandic band, rocked the stage giving Boston just a taste of some of their electro rock/indietronica style. Ceasetone stayed on stage to perform with fellow Icelandic musician Axel Flovent, who slowed things down with an acoustic set before handing things over to Adam Ezra. Ezra took the mellow vibe and turned it up full volume with a killer set that left the crowd wanting more.

Ezra ended the night by calling all the previous bands back to the stage for a no holds barred rendition of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin” which included the audience during the choruses. The audience definitely vibed off the incredible collection of bands from Iceland and from local Boston.

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