Boston Calling: BØRNS Shines Bright

By Alex LaRosa:


BØRNS at Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Ross Ketschke

As a day full of music continued at Boston Calling, BØRNS and his three band mates took the Xfinity Stage right on time at 3:55 p.m. Decked out in a floral shirt, dark sunglasses, and tight black pants, the Los Angeles-based artist was in full summer regalia, and the promise of a bubbly show to match was met and exceeded.

With his soft-spoken and friendly demeanor, BØRNS, also known as Garrett Borns, quickly won over the large crowd that was gathered to see him. Asking the audience how they felt, he was met with roaring applause, and he replied, “The feeling is mutual,” with a smile. As he twirled, strolled, and sung his way across stage, the audience screamed with support.

“This is good. We are good,” he commented, early into the set, right after the band had finished crowd-pleaser “10,000 Emerald Pools.” In his typical cheery way, he added, “The spirits are high, am I right?” Met with another screaming applause, the band got right back to another bouncy, glittery pop song that BØRNS is known for.

The flowery-front man hardly slowed down all show, occasionally picking up an electric guitar, but mostly spinning and marching around the stage. He showed some taste with his sunny cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes,” and then showed a sharper edge by dedicating the next song to all the strippers out there.

As the crowd sang along, BØRNS provided plenty of positive reinforcement, saying, “Well done, Boston. I like you guys a lot.” And throughout the show, he was grateful for their support, frequently grabbing the microphone to say, “Thank you, friends!”

Borns 3

BØRNS on stage at Boston Calling 2016. Photo by Ross Ketschke

Without a doubt, his entire set was one summery party, and even as the sun scorched Government Center with 93 degrees of sweltering heat, BØRNS kept his cool, song after song. His band was in perfect time all afternoon, and the sun-soaked singer himself was in peak vocal condition. Without ever missing a note, he navigated the high and low notes effortlessly and really seemed to be enjoying himself up there.

As Boston Calling progresses, shows like BØRNS’ deliver a lifeline to the sweaty, music-loving masses. Like an energy re-supply, BØRNS kept the uplifting, sugary-sweet songs coming, and although the heat was intense, nobody seemed to mind a bit.

With a full-throated roar, it seemed like all of Boston Calling sang along with his closing song, “Electric Love.” And with a final goodbye, BØRNS departed, having delivered all the love and smiles he had.

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