WERS Welcomes at the Great Scott

By Suzie Hicks:

erin 2WERS and Bowery Boston welcomed Cherry Mellows, Five of the Eyes, The Shills, and Long Time to the Great Scott on Saturday night, and the bands did not disappoint.

Cherry Mellows, a local band, started the night strong with some intense rock jams. Using multiple electric guitars and bass on top of some serious drums, the band’s sound filled up the space from the second they played their first chord. Lead singer Ryan Meier (an avid WERS listener) brought the house down with his gravely vocals and proved to be funny as well as talented when he asked the crowd if they were playing loud enough after a particularly raucous song.

Five of the Eyes followed shortly after with some expert guitar picking leading into their opening number. The band, originally from Portland, Maine, made themselves right at home on the Boston stage as Darrell Foster crooned some heavy notes on the mic. The band played their songs with incredible finesse and even more incredible hair flipping. They proved to all the Bostonians in the room that Mainers really do know how to rock.

The Shills took the stage shortly after and brought their own unique, awesome sound to the mix. Also hailing from Boston, the band has established a loyal, local following and has released numerous albums. Their sound ranged from classic rock beats to ethereal melodies, always keeping the audience entertained and on their toes.

Finally, Long Time took the stage and it was well worth the wait. The band commanded the attention of everyone in the room as soon as they stepped on stage, and didn’t lose it for a second as they plowed through their set. Thomas Cadrin wooed the crowd effortlessly with his vocals and personality while bassist Colin Dinnie and drummer Andrew Nault captivated them with their instruments. The night started and ended on a high note, and the audience will be left thinking about these bands for a Long Time.



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