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We had a beautiful band-reunion track, a bright bop from some Aussies, a chilling rendition to a centuries old tune, a song funky enough to get any music lover dancing. Check out what the WERS  Music Staff has to say about the tracks you just heard and be sure to check back here next week for some blurbs about the awesome new tracks that are new to WERS and to you!

Sugar for the Pill – Slowdive

“Sugar for the Pill” is the second single from the triumphant and thoughtful shoegaze band Slowdive. This track is Slowdive’s first release in 22 years, but their textured sound is still as poignant and meticulous as ever. What makes “Sugar for the Pill” such a standout track is its ability to be sweet and delicate, while also extremely menacing.  The 80s style backing vocals, courtesy of Rachel Goswell, and the gentle lyrics of the band’s lead vocalist, Neil Halstead, makes “Sugar for the Pill” a tune that you feel frail yet somehow ridiculously strong.

Paint Me Silver – Pond

Back with their new album The Weather, which was released earlier this month, Pond once again brings their quirky psychedelic showmanship in their latest single “Paint Me Silver”. Produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, which Pond’s Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson are touring members with, The Weather marks the band’s 7th album. With the ability to jump from high-energy eccentric absurdity, to poignant and thoughtful ballads; this new album will have you dancing through life and contemplating the state of our world in only 39 minutes. The music video for this song which features a house full of dancing aliens performing some very intricate choreography and will put a pep in your step!

The Queen of Hearts – Offa Rex

The Decembrists are the backing band on this 300 year old folk song, sung by Olivia Chaney, their summer tour partner. The song has been around forever, but notable versions have been done by Martin Carthy and Joan Baez. The Offa Rex version is sophisticated; showcasing the Decembrists’ endless talent for arranging very basic instrumentations: keys, drums guitar and bass. Chaney’s voice and harpsichord are a natural fit. Offa Rex is releasing a whole album of traditional British folk songs on July 14th and will be touring for a few dates in June and July. In addition to the contents of the album Offa Rex album, Colin Meloy says they’ll be reinterpreting the Decembrists back catalog with Chaney’s help.

Rollin – Calvin Harris featuring Khalid and Future

Calvin Harris is back and is funkier than ever. Fresh off of his release of “Slide,” a beautiful pop about buying a Picasso painting featuring the silky voice of Frank Ocean, Harris’s “Rollin” is just the soulful jam you have been looking for to put some pep into your commute home. “Rollin” is an “ode to highway cruising” and deftly uses the smooth voice of Khalid and the quick bars of Future to elevate the mythodic beats of the track. Harris has been known to collaborate with some interesting artists, so here’s so seeing who Harris chooses to make some music magic with on his latest album “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1” will be released on June 30th.

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