Show Review: Pond Brings the Funk from Down Under to the Sinclair

Photography by Cate Cianci

By Cate Cianci, Staff Writer

Artist: Pond 

Venue: The Sinclair

When: Friday, December 2nd, 2022


Australian psychedelic-rock group Pond brought the Sinclair’s audience to their feet. The show at the Sinclair was the first of their American tour to completely sell out. Pond completely rose to the challenge and delivered the groove, creating an environment I can only describe as far-out.



LA-based band Cryogeyser kicked off the show with an unmistakable dream pop flair. The trio was psyched for their first-ever Boston show. They delivered rippling guitar riffs and a sturdy rhythm section that got the crowd perfectly warmed up for Pond. Lead singer, Shawn Marom, even bantered with the crowd about her short stature, joking that she’s “only 5’1”.



Pond brought something unique to the table. They perfectly mix dance-pop with psychedelia. Multiple times during the show, I could feel the sound almost envelop me. It was absolutely electrifying. 

Pond isn’t like other bands and they want to let you know. Lead singer Nicholas Allbrook teased “it’s freezing in your country.”

Pond’s experimental nature is a cornerstone of the band’s sound, and it was on full display at the Sinclair. With lengthy improvised musical breaks and a new setlist every night, Pond keeps things new with a completely different sound than what anyone is used to hearing.



The Intimate setting of the Sinclair only served to bolster Pond’s musicianship. I have got to say, my favorite parts of the show were when one band member would get the spotlight, and jam out on a totally amazing solo. Guitarist Shiny Joe Ryan’s eclectic style and beautiful 12-string guitar mesmerized me for most of the night.

During “Burnt Out Star,”’ an incredible hit off of their album Tasmania, Nick Allbrook demonstrated his flute skills. An ability to deliver a song live just as well as recorded is a trademark of amazing musicians everywhere, and Pond is no exception. The entire band showcased incredible musical versatility with almost all of them playing many instruments throughout the show.



Pond managed to communicate through music in a multitude of ways. Allbrook’s dance moves were definitely a highlight of the night for audience members. Taking a page out of Elvis’s book, he wiggled his way around the stage. The group beside me even started chanting “more wiggles!” as songs would slow down. It was one of the most of the entrancing parts of their performance.

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