Show Review: Florence and the Machine Dazzle Fans at TD Garden

Photography by Nora Onanian

By: Ryan Kipnis, Program Coordinator 

Artist: Florence and the Machine 

Venue: TD Garden

When: Wednesday, September 14th

Rub the palms of your hands together until they feel warm, and then place them over your heart. That is what it felt like to be sitting in the audience at Wednesday’s night’s Florence and the Machine concert at TD Garden. 

I discovered Florence and the Machine when I was a sophomore in high school. Her music was both a source of light in my life, and a safe place to land. Yet, no amount of hours of listening to them in my bedroom could prepare me for what they were like live. Florence Welch possessed the energy of a goddess in the best way possible. 

She entered amidst a set that looked like a snowy room of thrones and chandeliers. There was a huge white picture frame at the back of the stage, creating the visual effect of a gigantic tarot card. She was wearing a flowy, sheer black dress highlighted with lace. Like Florence, the entire visual gave the impression of feminine strength. 

When she walked on stage, the energy in the room shifted. Suddenly, the room was filled with warmth and energy.



Mykki Blanco opened the show with so much energy. Even though they had to cover for Sam Fender, who was originally on the lineup, at the last minute, the band gave the performance their all. Amid all the stress that comes with performing, Mykki Blanco seemed like they were having a blast. They started off the dance party that lasted throughout the rest of the concert with their bold outfits and moves. 



As Florence Welch walked barefoot through the magical, snowy stage set, the band launched into “Heaven is Here,” and it did indeed feel that way. The audience went wild. It seemed like everyone knew the words and wanted to sing along, which the band seemed to welcome with open arms. 

After “Heaven is Here,'' they kept the energy up with “King, and Florence danced around the stage as if she was flying. Then followed “Free,” and it was obvious that Florence did indeed feel free while she was dancing. 

Next, during the hit song “Dog Days are Over” Florence took a pause and asked the audience to put away all phones and connect, so as to be truly living in the moment. She said that that was the moment when the show could really begin. 



It’s hard for me to choose a single song that stood out most. Florence and the Machine’s music means so much to me that each song touched my heart in different ways. 

Florence is such a generous performer. She took the time during the show to come down from the stage and connect with her fans, run through the audience, and notice what people were wearing. 

As she talked about the pain and trauma she has channeled into her music, I was reminded over and over again what an endlessly gracious person she seems to be. 

The biggest takeaway from the show for me was not one song or moment, but it was the idea of using art as a tool for perseverance and strength. Sometimes we need to take the pain and hardship and “Shake it Off.”

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