Show Review: Ben Folds and Violent Femmes Share the Stage at Rockland Pavillion Show

Photography by RIsa Tapanes

By Risa Tapanes

Artist(s): Ben Folds and Violent Femmes

Venue: Rockland Trust Bank Pavillion

When: Saturday, August 3rd

Legendary folk-punk act Violent Femmes and pianist/singer-songwriter Ben Folds co-headlined a show that brought together a variety of music fans, young and old, across several genres.

First up was the Femmes. Just off of realeasing their new album, Hotel Last Resort, the band played new tunes, as well as some of their classics. Their new song, "I'm Nothing," got the crowd up, only to keep them up with "Blister In The Sun" and "Kiss Off".

Throughout the set, Violent Femmes brought out Jeff Darosa of Dropkick Murphys.

Together, they collaborated on songs such as "Jesus Walking On The Water" and "American Music. " Fans square danced in the back of the pavilion! 

After their performance, Violent Femmes rushed directly off stage to sign autographs for fans, before Ben Folds took the stage.

As the sun set on the water surrounding the venue, Ben Folds took the stage solo, opening with "Annie Waits."

Gradually through the song, Folds's band joined him to enhance his sound. Several of the band members were glad to be in Boston, as they are based in the area.

Folds's lush piano playing had the open venue feeling like an intimate theater. Fans swayed and sang along as Ben Folds joined them, standing and grooving as he played his grand piano.

Toward the end of the night, Folds played "Rockin' The Suburbs."

The song, referencing many artists of the past, was modified as Folds sang "I'm rockin' the suburbs, just like Violent Femmes did!"

Ben Folds and Violent Femmes will continue to tour the US unitl mid-August.

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