Show Review: Brandi Carlile Brings Grace and Generosity to the Stage

Photography by Aleiagh Hynds

By Ryan Kipnis, Program Coordinator

Artist: Brandi Carlile 

Venue: TD Garden 

When: Friday October 21st, 2022


I grew up hearing about Brandi Carlile, and about the impact she had on visibility for queer women. She is unapologetically herself in a way that inspires others to rise up along with her. I admire her so much as a human and a musician. 

As Brandi Carlile took the stage in her sparkly black suit, the incredible, age-diverse crowd went wild. Carlile is lovely to watch onstage. She has such a warm and generous presence that one can not help but leave her show feeling fantastic. 



I had seen Brittany Howard’s band Alabama Shakes a couple of years ago in my hometown, so I thought I knew how talented she was, but I was mistaken. 

Howard walked onstage amid the warm red and gold lighting in a sparkly silver jacket. Her breathtaking voice blew me away. 

The crowd was not as receptive to her as I thought they would be at first, but by the end of her powerful set, people were dancing and cheering. 



Brandi Carlile walked on stage, sparkling as she went. 

She opened the show with “Broken Horses” and the crowd immediately stood up and danced along with her. Carlile started the show off so strongly that the energy in the room was able to stay high up as she transitioned into my personal favorite song of hers, “You and Me on the Rock,” which she wrote for her wife. 

As if it could get any more beautiful, from there Brandi Carlile actually made me cry when she performed her iconic song “The Story.” 

As the show went on she gave tribute to everyone from David Bowie to Joni Mitchell to her incredibly talented friend, Allison Russell



I think it is wrong to talk about Brandi Carlile without mentioning the way that she uses her own strength to uplift those around her. You can tell by watching her that she is an incredibly strong and powerful person. But it’s not in a demeaning way; she carries herself with so much grace that everyone around her shines brighter as well. 

Brandi Carlile is truly a wonderful artist and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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