Powerful Woman Playlist


By Kiersten Tate

Music is one of the greatest ways to reaffirm worth and power. The songs I have below are by women who meaningfully use their platforms to encourage their audience, which includes women. So if any woman needs encouragement or needs to feel less alone, this is the playlist for her.

Goat Head by Brittany Howard

Howard has a super smooth intro with the soulful rhythm of piano, drums, and cymbals. Soon, she starts addressing her struggle with living as a biracial child in the Deep South. Although Howard's song is mostly about her tumultuous childhood, she pays homage to her mom for her courage to be with Howard in public. Also, Howard assures her audience that she knows her true self despite the opposition she faces.

Goddess by BANKS

"Goddess" is such an uplifting song for women who've been messed with. BANKS sends everyone a message not to mess around with amazing women because it will haunt you. Also, BANKS gives women a heads up by saying that they shouldn't take crap from anybody. Plus, the background singers add the godlike effect to BANKS' electric rhythm.

Homemade Dynamite by Lorde

Lorde provides amazing sounds with her 2017 album Melodrama. "Homemade Dynamite" is an upbeat anthem for young women as Lorde doesn't give a crap about the odds. She's been beating them since "Royals" and shows us that she'll do it again and again. Also, listening to "Homemade Dynamite" just makes you wanna dance, scream and shout as you're having the time of your life.

Coachella-Woodstock in My Mind by Lana del Rey

One of Lana Del Rey's hidden gems is her Lust for Life track, "Coachella-Woodstock in My Mind." Del Rey chooses to use her voice to raise awareness about current political tensions, instead of only focusing on the good times of the Woodstock festival. As Del Rey says she would trade the bad for a "stairway to heaven," she shows her selflessness, which is more impactful than selfishness.

Restless by Sleater-Kinney

The mellow sound of "Restless" is soothing, but it doesn't mean that it's the only good thing about this song. Tucker and Brownstein's soft voices expose a special kind of vulnerability. Despite their flaws and "restless life," Sleater-Kinney makes sure to affirm their inherent value. "Restless" is a good reminder for people, especially women, to love yourself because you deserve it no matter what.

Ascend and Try Again by Okay Kaya

Norwegian-American artist Okay Kaya's song "Ascend and Try Again" is another soothing song. In addition to her soothing voice, Okay Kaya encourages people to get up and keep moving after facing difficulty. Her advice is very helpful for women because they go through a lot opposition from the world and constantly need recovery. "Ascend and Try Again" is definitely a song to listen to for comfort and encouragement.

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