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Graphics by Nicole Bae

By Sophia Cloonan

Every Thanksgiving families gather around the table to eat the same meal that we seem to only get once a year. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, corn, and everything in between. Though the meal is good, some of us may dread the awkward conversation our distant aunt might bring up, which is why a solid Thanksgiving playlist is needed in the background of all Thanksgiving meals. I have put together a list of songs with slow tempos that one can still bop their head to. These songs are perfect to keep everyone quiet and happy at the table as together on the 28th of November, we all share the meal of thanks.

"Pocket Full of Rainbows" by Elvis Presley 

Though it's not as popular as "Jailhouse Rock" or "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Pocket Full of Rainbows," stands on its own. Presley gave us an easy tune that can go along as the background for many situations, one being Thanksgiving Dinner. My family has started the tradition of listening to Elvis Presley songs during our long meal a couple of years ago, my request always being "Pocket Full of Rainbows." The song is slow and soothing, with such simple love song lyrics-it's perfect for when the turkey starts to make you sleepy. 

"Technicolor Beat" by Oh Wonder 

Oh Wonder has always been one of my favorite duos for a while now. All their songs are so soothing, and they take you to such an easy place in your mind. "Technicolor Beat" is one that you might want to sing along to with a mouth full of stuffing, but it's perfect as the conversation unfolds at the dinner table. With its slow tempo, "Technicolor Dream," paints such an interesting view on the LA scene, and with such smooth lyrics, it keeps the conversation light at the dinner table. 

"Harvest Fair" by Summer Salt 

Summer Salt is known for their soothing tunes that can calm your mind, and "Harvest Fair" is one of those songs. Though I wouldn't play it at the Thanksgiving dinner table, it's great for the pre-Thanksgiving brunch that my mom preps before she starts her baking. This song automatically reminds me of fresh French toast and Polish sausages. "Harvest Fair" is definitely one of my favorite Thanksgiving time songs, standing alone with its fall vibes. 

"Shark" by Oh Wonder 

Oh Wonder has made it on the list yet again, simply because of their ability to create such awesome background sound. "Shark" has a jazz-like sound to it that is just loud enough to be noticed but not interrupt your Thanksgiving table conversations. So whether your family prefers to stuff their faces with no conversation, or decides to whip out the classic Thanksgiving Day debate, "Shark" fits into this day just as pumpkin pie does. 

"This Feeling" by Alabama Shakes 

To be honest, I heard this song in a TV show when I first discovered it. It played in a montage after a huge climactic scene as couples embraced each other. So how does this fit into Thanksgiving? Well, like all the other songs on this playlist, it has that slow soothing tempo that can lull you to sleep once that turkey starts to kick in. With a full tummy and happy thoughts, "This Feeling" is perfect to add onto that happy mood as you start to make that transition to full Christmas mode.

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