Playlist: New Discoveries 2/9

New Discoveries Playlist - Top Artists and Songs this week - Boston - WERS 88.9FM
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia

“Where do we go now?” - Gracie Abrams 

Gracie Abrams is lost in her latest single, “Where do we go now?” The song is deeply honest in highlighting the struggles of a recently-ended relationship. With soft synths and smooth vocals, Abrams confesses how vulnerable she is. “I miss you// but when I kissed you back, I lied,” she sings, admitting her faults and confiding in her listeners. The repetitive chorus reveals just how scared she is now that she’s alone. The track starts out simple, both with the synths and Abrams’ quiet voice. And while “Where do we go now?” opens this way, the lyrics prove to be incredibly complex. Abrams is telling us to listen carefully if we want to hear her whole confession.

“Where do we go now?” is Abrams first single off her upcoming debut album, Good Riddance, set to release on Feb. 24. She worked with Aaron Dessner of The National for this project in Hudson Valley’s Long Pond Studio. She kicks off her Good Riddance Tour on March 6th in Chicago, and makes her way to Boston’s House of Blues on March 12.

Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer


“Nude With A Suitcase” - Pile

In preparation for their upcoming album, Boston band Pile has been releasing a few singles, including their song “Nude With A Suitcase.” This song offers a haunting atmospheric sound mixed with abstract lyrics. There’s a beauty to the intricacies of this song in particular that keeps the listener coming back to hear what they may have not heard in the previous listen. Frontman Rick Maguire said in a statement that this song was one of his favorites to write, and it shows in the final product. On February 17th, their newest album All Fiction comes out and I absolutely can’t wait to hear all the amazing music they have been creating.

Erin Norton, Staff Writer


“hemenway” - Tiny Habits 

From their soft isolated vocals to mesmerizing harmonies, it’s hard to mistake a new Tiny Habits song. The Berklee bands new track “Hemenway” follows a new break up. But this time, it focuses follows the person who ended things. They mention beloved spots in Boston and how haunting old places feel as new memories are needed to cover up old wounds. Their vocals are almost hypnotizing as you are waltzed through love lost. Tiny Habits is on the rise, with their other new single “Embers” featured in the new Netflix film Your Place or Mine?

Elena Dickson, Staff Writer

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