Pick of The Week: The Marίas “Run Your Mouth”

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By Avieana Rivera, Staff Writer

The Marίas are back and better than ever with their new single “Run Your Mouth.” The song comes along with the announcement of their sophomore album Submarine, a follow-up to their 2022 debut record CINEMA. 

“Run Your Mouth” marks the beginning of their new era, but longtime fans shouldn't fret; the track still has the same sound listeners know and love. 



This song is infused with many different sounds. From jazz influences to psychedelic pop, “Run Your Mouth” is ultimately  a tale of freedom and moving on. The song starts off slow, introducing the viewer into the story while the music pulses in the background. Gradually, the band works its way in, adding more and more sound throughout the verse and pre chorus. When the chorus hits, the song takes full form. María Zardoya, the band’s lead singer, sings the catchy melody over the band’s funky percussion and synth beats. “Run Your Mouth”  is the type of song that makes you want to dance. Throughout the song, María grapples with her frustration for a person who only wants to place the blame on her for their relationship falling apart instead of hearing her out. She calls out the other person for only showing her love when she’s down, and eventually decides to rid this person from her life. Through this song, María achieves freedom from a relationship that isn’t serving her, and the cycle that traps her in it. 



The Marías released an equally psychedelic music video to go along with their new single. In the video, the band jams out in a series of rooms that lean towards liminal spaces. With chrome walls, multiple versions of themselves, water-looking floors and a Brady Bunch looking sequence, the video contained lots of optical illusions for the viewers. You never quite know where the band is. Still, they dance around to the beat of this incredibly catchy song. At one point, María Zardoya wears a shirt with the song’s title written across the front.


Since the release of “Run Your Mouth”, The Marίas have released a second single from their upcoming album, entitled “Lejos de Ti.” They are set to release their new album Submarine on May 31st. This new album is said to mark an era of transition for The Marías, with their signature colors switching from red to blue. The band has announced the start of their Submarine Tour in Mexico this June, and has teased some more tour dates coming soon. 

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