Pick of the Week: Slow Pulp “Doubt”

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By Caitlin Molloy, Staff Writer

Slow Pulp, a band that came together in Wisconsin and is now based out of Chicago, recently released their new album Yard for listener enjoyment. This is the second album on their discography, after the release of Moveys in 2020. The second track on Yard, titled “Doubt,” fits the upbeat but reflective feel of the album to a T. 



The best word to describe the song would be playful, with a fun sound that features the drums and an interesting synth sound throughout. Don’t let the guitar-heavy intro and “Do-do-do” lyrics fool you though, the topics that this song focuses on are heavy ones. It peers into self-doubt and the effect that it can have on relationships with people, something that most audiences can relate to on one or more levels. This is definitely a summer scream-in-the-car or coming of age movie song if you catch my drift. 

While several other songs on Yard don’t have a super similar sound to “Doubt” — for example, the ninth track, “Broadview,” has almost a country sound to it during the intro — Emily Massey’s vocals really tie the album and the songs together. 



In “Doubt” specifically, Massey’s singing compliments the upbeat music with the more somber lyrics. 

The first lyric of the song “Five letters aren’t enough to tell you what I’ve got my mind on” acknowledges the feelings of doubt that go beyond what a single word can describe. Sound familiar? It did for me too. It really captures the essence of ‘words are not enough.’ But maybe this song is. 

Following that, Massey then sings “Or am I taking too long?” The feeling of immediate self doubt after telling someone that you are having doubts is expertly captured within the first 22 seconds of the song. It is already enough to sit and think about it for an afternoon, maybe good to use as a journaling prompt. 


Slow Pulp is currently on tour abroad with the band Packs. Slow Pulp will be returning to the US December 16th to continue their tour. They played in Boston this past November at Brighton Music Hall with the band Babehoven. 

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