Pick of the Week: Marcus Mumford “Grace”

Pick of the Week: Marcus Mumford "Grace"
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

By Breanna Nesbeth, Staff Writer


The first official single from Marcus Mumford's debut solo album, '(Self-Titled),’ has arrived. And for “Grace,” Mumford has left his (figurative) sons behind.

Mumford is a founding member of the folk rock band Mumford & Sons. Together, the group topped the Billboard 200 chart with three of their four studio albums. And they won numerous awards from Grammy Album of the Year to the BRIT Album of the Year, alongside many other accomplishments. 

The upcoming album, however, marks a new start for Mumford. In breaking away from the band, Mumford seeks to establish his own voice, his own style. 

“Well, how should we proceed? Without things getting too heavy. Even though I’d never tell you everything. I could’ve sworn I’d dropped that bomb on you already,” Mumford passionately sings in the first verse.



Mumford and many other collaborators on the album have described (Self-Titled) as cathartic, and “Grace,” as a single, perfectly encapsulates this theme. 

The song is soulful, Mumford’s vocals are gravelly and  accompanied by soft production of light percussion and acoustic instruments. The song holds much pain, but as the title suggests, hope and grace is there. 

The country-tinged song is also accompanied by an official music video directed by Diane Martel, and also carries “cathartic themes.” In it, we see the repeated eye-level shot of Mumford desperately drinking water from a glass as much of it spills down his face. 

The completed album is produced by Blake Mills and features Brandi Carlile, Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo and Monica Martin. It’s set to be released on September 16th. 


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