Pick of the Week: Khruangbin and Leon Bridges “B-Side”

B-Side, Khruangbin, Leon Bridges, Texas Moon
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

By Miles Levine, Staff Writer

Khruangbin and Leon Bridges teamed up to create their second collaborative EP Texas Moon, completing the story of Texas Sun. “B-Side” is a mellow psychedelic funk love song.

The track was released in the form of a Wild West-inspired music video on December 8th of 2021. 



The Houston-based trio, Khruangbin, started out by taking heavy influence from 1960’s Thai funk and have continued to blend global music influences since, created something unlike anything heard before. Their sound is a consistent fusion of psychedelic rock, funk, and classical soul. Khruangbin’s solo music is largely instrumental; their latest EP sees them step outside the box with an unexpected collaboration. Texas Moon features Leon Bridges from Fort Worth on lead vocals. The R&B and gospel-inspired artist helps Khruangbin redefine what Texan music is all about.



On “B-Side,” bassist Laura Lee and drummer DJ Johnson keep a tight groove while Mark Speer plays an overpowering funky guitar riff on top. Dusty drums and fuzz guitar add to the retro vibe of the song. Bridges comes in singing softly and soulfully, then slips into falsetto during the chorus. His lyrical phrasing breaks up the track’s feel. The artists come together to create a world that is uniquely their own.



Texas Moon focuses on the darkness of life in contrast to Texas Sun. The EP was written like a short story with an introspective point of view. Khruangbin shared the meaning behind its name in a statement. “Without joy, there can be no real perspective on sorrow… without sunlight, all this rain keeps things from growing. How can you have the sun without the moon?” “B-Side” tells the story of a person who misses their lover. This person is consumed by their relationship and wants nothing more than to be reunited again.



Khruangbin is going on tour across the U.S. from March to July of 2022. This includes two shows at Boston's not-yet-open venue Roadrunner on March 17th and 18th. Leon Bridges’ tour starts around the same time, and will include shows in international countries.


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