Pick of the Week: Leon Bridges “Motorbike”

Leon Bridges "Motorbike"
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By Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator

2021 might just be Leon Bridges' biggest year yet. In May, he was named this year's State Musician of Texas by the state legislature. Having hailed from Fort Worth, Bridges will represent the artistic legacy of his home state for the next year and tour with the Texas Commission of the Arts. He's also gearing up for the release of his third studio album, Gold-Diggers Sound. The album is already off to a strong start with two singles out, including the catchy "Motorbike."



"Motorbike" radiates comfort and warmth. In an interview, Leon Bridges said he wrote the song about "living in the moment and escaping with someone." This theme is captured perfectly by both the lyrics and sound. With smooth and soulful vocals, he sings about wanting to take off with his girl "on the back of [his] motorbike." It is clear that he would do anything to make her happy and lyrics like "lovers in another life, let me remind you" paint a timeless kind of love. Sonically, there is a steady beat throughout with looping drums and dreamy synth undertones. "Motorbike" is the perfect feel-good song for the summer. 



The music video that accompanies the song was directed by rapper Anderson .Paak. Beginning clips show a loving relationship between Bridges and his girlfriend. They are seen blissfully riding away on his motorbike, dancing and exchanging sweet gestures. Later, the plot thickens as they practice using a gun and seem to be planning something. In the final scene, the couple attempt to rob a diner. In a tragic twist, the operation goes awry and the girl accidentally shoots Bridges. The drama-filled video contrasts with the relaxing and innocent nature of the song but ultimately adds dimension.



The rest of Gold-Diggers Sound will be released on July 23rd. Bridges named the album after the L.A. studio where he spent two years living and creating music. Considering how long the album has been in the works, I am even more excited to see what it has in store.

If you're interested in seeing Leon Bridges perform live, you're in luck! Boston is listed as a stop on his upcoming tour, although the date is yet to be determined.


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