Pick of the Week: Ben Harper and Ziggy Marley “Spin It Faster”

Spin It Faster Ben Harper Ziggy Marley
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By Mehvish Ali, Staff Writer

Singer-songwriter Ben Harper’s new single, “Spin It Faster,” is a beautiful classic real-time reggae beat that reflects the notions of chasing dreams and not giving up. Featured on the track is Ziggy Marley, heir to Bob Marley. It comes with no surprise that the song ricochets that same groovy reggae rhythm present in his father’s work. One can’t help but feel the spirit of Bob Marley through these soulful sounds. 



“Spin It Faster” is an introspective piece, speaking of many things in just a few words disguised as rhythms. The timeless track reflects on the constant momentum and drive of people going after their goals and ambitions without wasting a minute. Harper and Marley sing, “I’m not here to lean on the wall, got to move my feet. I’m your everlaster, spin it faster,” speaking to the quick-paced state of the world right now. 

Harper dedicates the song to Juan D. Nelson, the bass player of Innocent Criminals who passed away in June. In an interview with American Songwriter, Harper explains, “since 1993, Juan Leon and I spun around this world as fast and as far as we could dream together.” 

A timeless track, “Spin It Faster” addresses current reality as well as the future. While it speaks of “hard times they will come,” the sound ends in more hopeful melodies, echoing “but hard times they’ll be gone.” With reggae royalty Ziggy Marley blessing the song with his bold, harmonious voice, the essence of the song is truly felt in our hearts. 



“Spin It Faster” is the first single from the collection of a reggae album Ben Harper is currently working on. Buddies for a long time, Ziggy and Harper have collaborated on various live performances. Most recently, the two teamed up on Ziggy’s single “Play With Sky” from his More Family Time album released last September.


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