Playlist: New Discoveries 11/16

Nilüfer Yanya, SASAMI, Peach Pit
Graphics by Ainsley Basic


Nilüfer Yanya released her new single “Stabilise” just last week, not even two months after putting out her sophomore album Inside Out in September. Along with the track came the announcement of Yanya’s upcoming third album, PAINLESS, due in early March. The lyrics of “Stabilise” revolve around the central idea that no one is coming to save Yanya, so it’s up to her to “stabilise” her life. The sound of the track provokes a sense of anxiety that pulls listeners in. Nilüfer Yanya’s sister, Molly Daniel, directed the “Stabilise” music video, and she continues the song’s themes of self-dependence through the video’s city setting. The cityscape forwards the message of Yanya’s lyrics— that even when you’re constantly surrounded by people, you can still feel completely alone.

- Grace Clendening, Staff Writer



Marking their first release since last October, Vancouver based indie-rock band Peach Pit recently put out their newest single “Up Granville” and an accompanying music video. Fans speculate the song to be a reference to the longtime home of the band’s members, Granville Street in Vancouver. The track holds a somber and soothing tone, expressing uncertainty surrounding the idea of love and being loved. This is one of the many songs Peach Pit has released that intertwines storylines. And luckily for listeners and fans, this is just the beginning of new releases from them!

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



SASAMI, now signed to Domino Records, was once a part of the band Cherry Glazerr. The Los Angeles artist went solo in 2018, and has released two albums since. Similar to artists like Mitski and Soccer Mommy, SASAMI is known for her powerful ballads, singing of often love and heavy feelings. Gearing up for her new album's release, Squeeze, she has released two singles, one of them being “The Greatest.”

“The Greatest” features less of a melancholic voice for the artist. In the chorus, she sings “and that's the strangest part, at the bottom of a wasted heart, with all that room to fall, the greatest love of all.” Lyrically, the single dives into the hard realizations of unreciprocated love. The melodic rock song is more intense from SASAMI’s previous tracks. SASAMI’s lyrics of heartbreak are also lyrics of empowerment. Her vocals are a diary that capture the feelings much have felt before, making her ballads an open conversation. The change in the artists sound offers a look into what may be to come from the anticipated new album.

- Amber Garcia, Staff Writer


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