Playlist: New Discoveries 11/2

Tears for Fears, Dope Lemon, Carissa Johnson, Cliff Notez
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Tears for Fears is back after a 17-year long break, resuming their alternative sound in the new single “The Tipping Point.” The song opens with a calming, twinkling melody that transitions into the classic rock sound that they’re famous for. With words such as, “Life is cruel, life is tough, life is crazy then it all turns to dust,” they really emphasize their inspirations from their own personal and professional tipping points. A harmonic chorus and nonstop upbeat drum rhythm convey the power and emotion that went into this single.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



Both hailing locally from Boston, Carissa Johnson and Cliff Notez make magic with their collaborative track “Running Uphill.” Johnson’s unique energy feels like an excellent throwback to the toe-tapping pop-punk tracks of the late 2000s. Visceral electric guitar combined with strong percussions helps to reveal the tale of relentless anxiety being told by both artists. Cliff Notez truly shines towards the end of the track. His rap verse remains true to the rest of the song's exciting sound. "Running Uphill" is an easy-listen that remains upbeat, making it the perfect soundtrack for the thick of the fall season!

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer



DOPE LEMON’s “Rose Pink Cadillac,” is set to be the title track of his third album under the same name. This is one of his newest tracks and it’s absolutely perfect to dance to. Along with the release of this single and the upcoming album, DOPE LEMON plans on conducting a giveaway of an actual 1960 Pink Cadillac! Be sure to be on the lookout for that and take a listen to the song!

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant


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