Playlist: New Discoveries 9/27

WERS 88.9FM Playlist: New Discoveries 9/27 - Rosa Linn, KT Tunstall, Noah Kahan, and Wunderhorse
Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia


Rosa Linn’s hit song “Snap” swarmed Tiktok ‘For You’ pages this past spring, after its release. Linn’s song takes listeners on a pop-folk journey; one that follows the premise of heartbreak, rejection, and the continuous battle to get over the absence of love. The catchy nursery rhyme-esque chorus follows the listener throughout the song, as do lingering feelings. The Armenian singer-songwriter plays with the word snap as both an action and a marker of the brink of frustration. She also sets a mental image of rolling hills and great plains. As of right now, Linn does not have a full album released on major music platforms. However, this song sets Linn up to fill the pop-folk gap as it resurfaces this fall.

- Nirvana Ragland, Staff Writer



KT Tunstall is back with a new song, “Private Eyes,” and what a wonderful addition to her new album NUT it is! “Private Eyes” recalls very influential moments Tunstall shared with a celebrity at a party during the early years of her career. Even more, it’s about being in the public eye and trying to find moments for oneself. When reflecting on NUT and the songs that are in it including “Private Eyes,” Tunstall said she wanted to leave her comfort zone. It’s clear that the outcome was a fantastic album and fresh new sound to her music!

- Erin Norton, Membership Assistant



Noah Kahan raises the standards for singer-songwriters on his latest, "Stick Season." He sings of missed opportunities and people over upbeat guitar, subverting its happy tone with beautiful, melancholic lyrics. His lyricism is the gem of this track with clever phrases that you won't forget. For example, in the chorus: "And I'll dream each night of some version of you, that I might not have, but I did not lose." It's devastating in the most simple way like a winter storm might be on the Vermont landscape he describes— glittering, yet cold. "Stick Season" is the perfect song for a Northeast fall, and I'm excited to listen to it when it starts to get cold.

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



Wunderhorse’s vocalist Jacob Slater opens the “Leader of the Pack” with the sound of a catchy guitar intro followed by drums. Slater sings, “Like a light to dynamite, I saw you in the doorway.” He later reveals the dynamite, “Nine times out of ten it's the leader of the pack.”  Mixed with lively, grungy, hard tunes, the track is perfect for overcoming bullies. “‘Leader of the Pack’ is a song about betrayal. About not being able to escape the thing that eats away at you. It’s a song written as a means of getting even,” said Slater, according to Fall Out Magazine. Wrapping up the song with the sound of a string of fast chords, Slater seals the message—beware of the leader of the pack

- Mina Rose Morales, Staff Writer


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