Playlist: New Discoveries 6/20

Graphics by Sarah Tarlin
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin


Three years have passed since indie singer Margaret Glaspy released a full album. Now, this August, the artist will release her album, Echo the Diamond, which she introduced in late May with the all-around powerful single “Act Natural.” 

Glaspy created the track with her partner and collaborator Julian Lage and recorded with Bassist Chris Morrisey and Drummer David King. According to Stereogum, Glaspy said the single “is about trying to play it cool when you meet someone remarkable.” From beginning to end, the song showcases a smashing mix of guitar, bass, and drum solos, and with the addition of Glaspy’s vocals, the singer exudes “cool girl” vibes.

- Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer



Durand Jones’s “See It Through” is a hopeful, upbeat, and funky tune from his debut solo album Wait Til I Get Over. The track begins with a fast and spacey synth melody that lays the basis of the song’s palpable funk and is soon accompanied by quick, rhythmic guitar licks and a simple but fun drum pattern that gives it some drive. The guitar solo midway through adds a grittier element to the song that pairs nicely with Jones’s soulful rasp and the warmth of the background vocals. The lyrical themes center around perseverance, unity, and keeping your head up in difficult circumstances even if it seems like no one wants to see you succeed. All in all, this is a wonderful new song perfect for summer that has me excited to listen to the rest of the album.

- Max Hunter, Staff Writer



For many people, New Year’s Eve is an anticipatory holiday—one that revolves around the hope for a better future. However, Local Natives do not focus on the future, the indie rock band wants to celebrate the present. 

“NYE” is a song about being enraptured by and getting lost in the moment. Throughout the explosive track, the group’s lead singer, Taylor Rice belts out lyrics about an enchanting woman and a dazzling New Year’s Eve night. The song’s narrator sees this woman as an escape from his monotonous life, and her presence fills the narrator’s “here and now” with a magical feeling that he doesn’t want to lose. With warm guitars and bright, fast drum sounds, the LA-based band effectively adopts a unique California sound on “NYE. The song’s sun-soaked instrumentals are reminiscent of legendary California rock bands like The Beach Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator


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