Playlist: New Discoveries 7/11

Graphics by Sarah Tarlin
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin


It was an interesting choice for Boy & Bear to make their fifth, and most recent, album self-titled. It's often a band's debut or sophomore efforts that are made to be titular. But, five albums in, it is perhaps now more than ever that the band feels like their sound and lyricism are most representative of who they are as a group. On one of the album's lead singles, "Silver Moon," Boy & Bear show off this growth in a meaningful way. Cool and dark sounding, the song feels fit for soundtracking a movie moment where the protagonist prepares for a big move. "Is it better to be brave or content, as I burn inside for more," the lyrics ultimately contemplate.  

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



London-based quintet The Last Dinner Party adopt an enchanting 80s-inspired art pop sound on their debut single “Nothing Matters.” Best known for their theatrical performances and infectious hooks, the band has wowed audiences in London since their inception. 

“Nothing Matters” opens with Abigail Morris, the group’s lead vocalist, and a simple keyboard vamp. As the track progresses, Morris’s voice rings with a Kate Bush-esque vibrato as she repeatedly chants the singsongy chorus. Ultimately, The Last Dinner Party has created a universe where vintage and modern influences are layered to create a magical musical experience. 

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



Bethany Cosentino’s alternative sound is doused with a warm Americana flair on “It’s Fine,” creating the perfect soundtrack for a summer drive. The song is the LA-based musician’s first release as a solo artist since Best Coast, Cosentino’s band, announced an indefinite hiatus. 

Throughout the song, Cosentino exudes a nonchalant attitude, singing lyrics about personal growth while the melody maintains a steady pace. The single's accompanying music video, which features the musician dressed in a glamorous leather coat and dancing happily in the desert, effectively matches these carefree vibes. Overall, the song’s rich melody and relatable lyrics solidify Cosentino’s status as alternative music’s newest “it girl.”

- Claire Dunham, Music Coordinator



Hiss Golden Messenger is chock full of wisdom, and on the group's latest single, "Nu-Grape," that feels eminent. Lead singer M.C. Taylor sings lyrics that reflect on his relationship with someone he once thought he couldn't live without. His flame continues on burning in their absence, though, he has realized. "I was fire, said I couldn't live without water," the chorus goes, continuing on, "You were water, water to put out the fire." Not only is Taylor's voice soulful, the instrumental backing is too. The piano-led track features moments where the bass shines. Listen, too, for the tuba instrumental bridge before the last chorus, and the funky guitar solo that carries the song to a close!

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator


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