Playlist: New Discoveries 4/19

Raavi, Angel Olsen, Liam Gallagher, Andrew Bird
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Raavi’s “Lazy Susan” starts off with a stand-alone, distorted guitar, sounding like something you would find in a 90’s alternative rock vault. It isn’t until Raavi’s voice enters asking the listener “Did you hear about me?” that the rest of the band becomes ignited. Channeling the energy of one's teenage self, she discusses being a part of the workforce from a young age. The song almost sounds encouraging, bringing to mind the image of a worn out 17 year old driving home chewing over their thoughts while “Lazy Susuan” plays in the background.

“Lazy Susan” comes as Raavi’s first single off her upcoming five track EP titled It Grows On Trees. The song foreshadows Raavi’s rebranding within this release as she sings of her youth and family ties in a candid and honest way, covering them with dreamy guitar and melodic vocal lines. It Grows on Trees is set to be released May 13th with Beauty Fools Records. 

- Kira Weaver, Staff Writer



Opening with jumbling percussion and high-pitched plucking, Andrew Bird bursts into his new song “Atomized.” Inspired by the late author Joan Didion, Bird meditates on the idea of things falling apart. He ends each chorus asking, “‘What is your point?’ Here's what I say to them, ‘Things fall apart.’” His voice perfectly folds into the swell of the music. The song stays upbeat and lively accompanied by the acoustic sounds of the upright bass and violin. The orchestrated chaos is cut through by his direct voice and message that things do, in fact, fall apart.

- Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator



Liam Gallagher’s striking “Everything’s Electric” displays some of his most enthusiastic songwriting since his recent return to music. With Dave Grohl on drums, this sparkling anthem combines “the thunderous dynamics of Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ with the spiraling tension and danger of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter,’” according to the two accomplished musicians. That pretty much sums up the energy of the track, but the production features a new level of magic. Dowsed in phaser effects, the electric bass adds variety and stardust, while the twangy guitar floats nicely on top of Grohl’s restrained but intuitive drumming. 

The music video, shot entirely in black and white, shows Gallagher performing in front of fans in a stadium. A shot of a younger fan in the front row wearing an Oasis shirt makes Gallagher come across as both self-aware and reflective; he understands his impact and realizes that he must continue to make everything electric. 

- T.J. Grant, Staff Writer



Angel Olsen brings a bit of a new sound forward with the fresh song “All the Good Times.” The combination of soft drums and striking lyrics create a smooth-sounding track. Olsen’s upcoming album Big Time, which features the single, is releasing in June. With songs about Olsen's recent love and loss after coming out as queer and losing both her parents, this album will be an emotional but special one.

- Kelsey Sidman, Staff Writer


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