New Discoveries: Billie Eilish, Dropkick Murphys, and More

New Discoveries Billie Eilish
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A bright, upbeat guitar melody opens Billie Eilish's newest single, "Your Power." The song comes from her upcoming album Happier Than Ever. Eilish's haunting voice is accompanied by a guitar riff and simple beat. The lyrics address the taboo topic of coercion and grooming within the music industry. Eilish sings, "you swear you didn't know, you said you thought she was your age," building emotion and impact. Her beautiful vocals and powerful lyrics contrast with the simplicity of the instrumentation to create a masterpiece full of sentiment and strength. 

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer



It doesn't get much more Boston than this! The local band Dropkick Murphys released "Queen of Suffolk County" along with ten other tracks late last month. The song opens with audio of a news clip saying that a woman was arrested by Boston Police in connection with a stabbing outside of a bar. Ensuing lyrics like "she had style, she had grace" imaginatively bring her story to life. Upbeat vocals and folk instrumentation bring the energy. And in classic Dropkick Murphy fashion, "Queen of Suffolk County" is full of attitude and fun. 

- Nora Onanian, Web Services Coordinator



Counting Crows are back after seven years with their new single, "Elevator Boots." What I love most about this song is the radiating sense of comfort the band has with its sound. I started listening to Counting Crows when my dad gave me one of their CDs as a child. I feel that sense of familiarity even in this new song. Lead singer Adam Duritz sings in a way that is both distinct and malleable. The instruments blend together in a way that makes me believe I've heard it before. Be prepared for a wonderful throwback and a sense of home with "Elevator Boots."

- Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator



Is that a reference to Dylan's 'Blowin In the Wind' in the pre-chorus of Garbage's latest? On the title track of their seventh album, Shirley Manson opines that when the wind blows, it blows only in circles. "No Gods No Masters" taunts and tantalizes all those looking for hope in a broken world. If it sounds a little satanic, it's by design. The theme of album number seven is the seven deadly sins, and the band is having a blast with the debauchery. Longtime fans will find a lot to love here (Butch Vig's drumming is spot on as ever). Their strongest hook in many years may well loop in a new generation of Garbage devotees.

- Phil Jones, Afternoon Host


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