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New Discoveries
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Billie Marten announced her new album with a killer single that will shatter any expectation you have of the young singer-songwriter. Marten shows off a heavier, more rhythmic side to her music in "Garden of Eden." It's a sound that perfectly contrasts her delicate voice. After first gaining attention as a 12-year-old on YouTube, the now-21-year-old shows off her maturity with a song fittingly about growth and blossoming like a flower. Billie Marten will be releasing her third album, Flora Fauna, on May 21.

- Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer



"All My Favorite Songs'' is the lead single from Weezer's newest album, OK Human. It proves to be a fun look back at the lyrical style of the band's earlier hits with the addition of a more modern poppy feel. The upbeat guitar makes for a super fun and danceable song that carries a more somber story. "All My Favorite Songs" delves into the psyche of someone afraid of the social repercussions of being alone. It's the contrast between the instruments and lyrics that truly makes this track stand out in Weezer's discography. 

For more Weezer, check out our review of their 80s cover collection, the Teal Album.

- Mason Standish, Staff Writer



London born and raised artist Nilüfer Yanya sings an '80s style ballad about having bad luck with relationships. She mixes a light guitar with a steady beat as she gently conveys her emotions about being ghosted by people. Lyrics like "Don't miss you, miss you. Don't assume, assume" show Yanya moving on from the experience and not letting it bring her down. Her sultry, deep voice combined with her high notes create a great diversity in the flow of the song. They serve as a phenomenal way to transition between verses.

- Christina Casper, Staff Writer


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