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WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles
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To help you get to know the wonderful people behind the voices you hear while listening to the station, we recently sat down with 10 of our student hosts. Find out their fun music-related tidbits, when you can catch them live in action, and more. And be sure to tune in as we welcome these new and returning talents on air!

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles

Erin Norton

Host of Thursday mornings, 2 to 6 am

My name is Erin Norton, my pronouns are she/they, I'm from Manchester, Vermont, and I'm a creative writing major graduating in 2025. I'm the membership assistant, and then I host an on air show.

Erin's guilty pleasure music: I really love any 80s music. I know it's not really guilty pleasure, but it's like the stereotypical 80s music you think of.

Amun Prophet

Host of Sundays, 2 to 6 am

My name is Amun, I use he/him pronouns, I grew up in Deerfield, Massachusetts, and I'm a junior transfer creative writing student.

Amun’s favorite piece of concert merch: I remember when I was 16, I went to Albany to see Bruce Springsteen and they had these

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles

silkscreen posters there that were numbered because there’s only like a couple hundred of them. And it's still in my room rolled up somewhere because I was going to get it framed at one point. But I remember going to the frame shop and it was going to be some ridiculous amount of money. So I was like, ‘I'll just wait a few years,’ and it's been more than a few years at this point, but that silkscreen poster is pretty cool.

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles

Jehan Ayesha

Host of The Playground Saturdays, 6 to 10 a.m. and Sundays, 6 to 7 a.m.

My name is Jehan Ayesha, I go by Jay and on The Playground I go by Jayjay. My prounouns are they/her and my hometown is in Puchong, which is a tiny little suburban town in Malaysia. I’m in an international student and junior journalism major with three minors in sociology, psychology, and

global post-colonial studies. I just really care a lot about culture, community, and society and stuff like that.

Jay's favorite concert-associated memory: April 27, 2019, Me and my mom [went to the movies]. And as we were waiting for the iconic post-credits scenes, I checked my phone. I turned the data on and I got an email from Emerson and it was my acceptance email which I was waiting for. The place was empty, so my mom and I were screaming and that was really fun. And to take it back to music, later that same day. I was going to a concert by NCT Dream which is a K-pop boy group that I've been following since their debut in 2016. And it was like the first concert I went to alone. I felt like a big girl, and it was just really fun.

Dolly Pickelhaupt

Host of All A Cappella on Sunday

My name is Dolly, my pronouns are she/her. I’m from Winchester, Massachusetts, and I’m a freshman theater and performance major.

Dolly’s favorite concert venue: I haven’t been to a concert in a while, but my favorite concert venue would probably the Sinclair, if I’m thinking locally.

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles
WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles

Ainslie cromar

Host of All A Cappella on Saturday and Mondays, 6 to 8 p.m.

I'm Ainslie, I use she/hers. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and battleground Washington, pretty half and half, so like, Pacific Northwest is my hometown. I am a senior in my last semester and I'm a journalism major.

Ainslie's favorite concert moment: There is one concert I went to, I don't

know when, it was like years ago, but it was Emily Dean's Revolution, and it was just like a very electric and theatric concert. Like she had a puppet show happening as part of it, and a smoke show. And then afterwards I went backstage and she's just a glorious human. So, yeah, a very solid concert.

Katya Veber

Host of Friday mornings, 2 to 6 am

My name is Katya Veber, I use she/her. I'm from Moscow and I am a visual media arts major and a freshman. I'm a musician myself and produce my own music. I released my debut album Welcome to Extinction in May 2021.

The best concert Katya has ever been to: Oh, that's easy. It was a tour by Muse - Simulation Theory in 2019.

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles
WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles


Host of All New from 8 to 9, every night from 8 to 9 p.m

My name is Tatum I host the all new music hour and I'm also the music coordinator here at WERS. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I kind of have two hometowns. I lived in Massachusetts for nine years, my hometown here is Medfield. And my hometown in California, which is

where I moved, is Los Gatos, which is in the Bay Area. My major is writing, literature and publishing. And I'm a second semester junior.

Tatum's favorite pre-concert meal: I try to choose something that will be like healthy-ish, because in my mind, I'm like, I'm getting in a workout, I'm going to go there, I may jump around. And I also know that like inevitably after a concert, I'm probably going to like order Domino's or something. Also, normally it's like a sandwich because I underestimate the time I need, so I’m like putting on my makeup and eating a sandwhich. But I would say my post concert meal, though, is definitely Domino's.

Meghan hockridge

Host of mid-days, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I'm Meghan, I use she/her pronouns. I'm from Burlingame, California. It's like in the Bay Area. I'm a VMA senior. And I host the mid-days and I'm the programing coordinator at WERS.

What music Meghan inherited from her parents: Kind of all of my music to a degree, but maybe— my mom really likes funk, so kind of I like funk, I guess.

WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles
WERS Air Staff Student Host Profiles

Julia Flaherty

Host of Sundays, 4 to 8 p.m.

My name is Julia Flaherty, my pronouns are she/her/any, my hometown is Buena Park, California, and I'm a junior journalism major.

Julia's go-to karaoke song: I can sing every word of “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies— it’s my favorite to sing along with in the car.

Quixote McConnell

Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 2 to 6

I go by Quixote, my pronouns are he/him, my hometown is West Roxbury in Boston. I'm a media arts production major freshman.

Quixote's favorite album at the moment: Tommy, by the Who. That's what I've been listening to recently.

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