lovelytheband Is Anything But “Broken”

Lovelytheband Graphic by Nicole Bae
Lovelytheband Graphic by Nicole Bae

- By Andrea Williams -

Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price of Lovelytheband met after a night of fun in Los Angeles, California in the year 2016. Soon after, Lovelytheband formed and their music was just beginning.

Mitchy Collins recalled writing for this band years before the band even formed. At the time this music was an outlet for his other writing styles. After he realized these songs more than just an outlet he decided to put Lovelytheband in full motion. He was able to find and recruit the two other members through mutual friends. He even started "sliding into the DMs" of Sam Price.

Lovelytheband is anything but "broken"

Mitchy Collins, front man for Lovelytheband, is no stranger to the music industry. Collins is a former member of successful group Oh Honey. While Oh Honey were known for their folk-pop sound and powerful harmonies Lovelytheband is known for their indie-pop sound and infectious melodies. In April of 2017 Lovelytheband released their hit single "Broken" with Billboard. "Broken" not only spent eighteen weeks, peaked at number nine, but also quickly gained millions of streams on Spotify.

Soon after the release of their hit single, "Broken" Lovelytheband signed with Another Century Records. In September of 2017, after signing with their new record label, Lovelytheband put out their debut EP titled everything i could never say.


Everything i could never say is just the beginning of their music career

Their newest EP features six of their songs including their most famous "Broken." All of these songs on the EP are songs that anyone would be able to jam out to during the summer.

Mitchy Collins describes this EP as painting a picture of what the band is. Collins also felt that "Broken" would be a "good mission statement for the band." This mission statement being Lovelytheband's music will always be a way for fans to connect with them.

As of right now, Lovelytheband is currently on tour however they don't have any dates set for Boston. Lovelytheband recently announced the release date, May 11th, for their next upcoming single. It is titled "these are my friends". Even though this EP might be, as drummer Sam Price put it, a "heartbreak EP" any song off of this EP will make a great addition to anyone's summer playlist.

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