Be a WERS Community Champion

WERS Champions

Everyone who tunes in to WERS is a part of our community - and that community needs champions. When you champion the cause of public radio, local music, student mentorship, and independent media - amazing things can happen. If this sounds like you - let us know by  making your pledge of $50 a month. As a bonus, you'll also get the deluxe WERS Champion Swag Bag for summer!

For $50.00/month - Champion Contribution:

  • The WERS summer swag bag including

    • NEW WERS embroidered tote bag
    • NEW baseball cap
    • New York Times digital subscription
    • Your choice of: SRO mug, George Knight mug, or WERS t-shirt

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I become a Champion as a one-time donor? Yes, of course! 

Is my donation tax-deductible? Donations to WERS are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. WERS is a department of Emerson College, EIN #04-128-6950. 

I already give $50/month. Can I claim the summer swag bag? Absolutely! Reach out to Ashley Peterson, Associate Director of Development to request your complimentary gift. 

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