Unknown Mortal Orchestra brings Rock to the Third Day of Boston Calling

By Gilesa Thomas:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra brought the rock to Boston Calling this year, on the final day of the festival! Even though they started with an uphill technical battle between the microphones and the speakers, their music still sounded amazing. The instruments complimented each other very nicely and compensated for the lack of audible vocals in the first song.

Despite a rough beginning, the band still managed to keep their audience entertained and loyal. It was incredibly clear that they really knew their music and how to properly mix a guitar, piano, bass and drums together, earning their title as an orchestra. Riley Geare, drummer, gifted the audience with a brilliant drum solo during the second song of the set. The crowd went wild with excitement and appreciation. Geare then followed his drum solo with a smooth transition into the next song.

It did not take long for the microphones to be corrected, but once they were, the show went from an instrumental party to a lyrical masterpiece. Their fans sang along, their new listeners really go into it, and Ruban Nielson (vocals) really sang his heart out. It was a really great example of what their opener was meant to be. With such thoughtful lyrics, it was obvious that it took great time and consideration to be written. It is always refreshing to see a band that knows how to properly create great lyrics and music.

Every song was upbeat and full of energy, which worked perfectly with the breezy weather of this Sunday afternoon. Beach balls were flying and the audience was clearly into every aspect of the performance. There were tons of dance moves all around, including a couple from their recording member, Koby Nielson. The ending was very much bitter sweet. Unknown Mortal Orchestra ended on a high note, however the audience was not ready for their departure. It was extremely evident that their fans will anxiously await their return to Boston.


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