Lord Huron Brings Passion and Energy to Boston Calling’s Red Stage

Before Lord Huron even took to the Red Stage to perform their set on the first night of Boston Calling 2019, the crowd was already chanting “rock and roll!” egging for them to make their entrance. People of all walks of life crammed behind the barricade hoping to catch a glimpse of Ben Schneider or another member of the band. They were soon appeased, as they emerged onstage with energy and excitement to start off the set.


Ben Schneider stole the show with just a tip of his hat.

As soon as they walked onstage, the crowd yelled with excitement and anticipation. Schneider, sporting a brown fedora, emerged from backstage and walked straight to the mic to begin the opening song. From the moment he opened his mouth, the audience was hooked; yet somehow, the group still managed to gain passion and energy with each song played. Balloons and inflatable beach balls bounced around the crowd, seemingly mimicking the motions of those standing closest to the stage.


“How the hell you doin’ out there, Boston?”

Schneider prompted screams from the crowd as he addressed them directly. He only stopped for a moment, and the excitement never dipped. The on-stage chemistry radiated through the set. It was as if Lord Huron was telling us a story—one of passion, love, and desperation. Even when playing slower songs, such as their popular “The Night We Met,” a symphony of people sang along with them. Even from the other end of the festival, you could hear the call of desperation: “I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you.”


Lord Huron provided the perfect performance for a festival.

Although the band focused on their upbeat songs, keeping the crowd at an energetic high, Lord Huron managed to find the perfect mixture of emotion for a music festival. They never once let the crowd down, and brought together the highs and lows of love in an overall stellar performance.

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