Show Review: Two Door Cinema Club Unites Newcomers and Nostalgia-seekers

Photography by Annalin Schell

By Madison Ruiz, Staff Writer

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

Venue: Roadrunner

When: Wednesday, February 27th



Tuesday night, fans of all ages and backgrounds united at Roadrunner in their shared love for Two Door Cinema Club's music. Despite it being a Tuesday night, the energy at the concert was nothing short of electrifying. From the moment the doors opened, there was an undeniable sense of excitement in the air, and it was clear that each fan at the Roadrunner was ready to sing along and dance to their favorite songs instead of dreading the impending day of work or school. Everyone in attendance was eager to shake off the weekday blues and immerse themselves in the music. 



The American indie-rock band Joywave was the opener for Tuesday night's show. The band consists of Daniel Armbruster on lead vocals, Joseph Morinelli on guitar, and Paul Brenner on drums. It was evident that Joywave is a very well-loved band as the arena was already filled before the band even started their set. From the moment Joywave stepped into the spotlight, it was as though a switch had been flipped, instantly igniting the crowd's excitement. Everyone in attendance knew that they were in for a great show and a great night. The band played about seven songs including their most listened to hits such as “Obsession,” “Tongues” and “It's a Trip!.” 

Halfway through their set, vocalist Daniel Armbuster paused during the concert to say, "If there's one Joywave song you have heard, it is this one." With those words, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and soon the band's iconic song, “Dangerous,” played. It felt like a collective surge of recognition washed over the entire venue. Every person seemed to have a moment of connection with the track. It was one of those rare moments in a concert where the entire audience becomes unified in their shared love for a song. 

As the band's set was coming to an end, Daniel Armbuster again stopped to chat with the audience for a moment and share two important messages. The first was that Joywave will be returning to Boston in October and they will have a new record out! If you're interested in going, tickets will be going on sale in late March. Next, Armbuster informed the audience that Two Door Cinema Club’s drummer, Cameron Spence’s birthday was that night. Then, he made the sweetest request, asking if the audience would sing Spence happy birthday when he came out to play. 

As their set was coming to an end, Joywave played their new song, “Brain Damage,” which was nothing short of amazing. 



At this point, the crowd was already primed and ready for the main event. About 30 minutes after Joywaves set, at about 9:15 p.m., the stage lights shut off. That's when the crowd knew Two Door Cinema Club was about to come out. The arena instantly filled with cheering and good energy was still very much radiating throughout the arena. 

Alex Trimble (lead vocalist), Sam Halliday (lead guitarist) and Kevin Baird (bass guitarist), then walked on stage and started off with their song “Sure Enough.” The powerful and uplifting anthem was a great way to start off. The cool thing about Two Door Cinema Club’s music is that the band is able to move seamlessly from one song to the next, creating a cohesive and uninterrupted experience for the audience. 

After about three songs in, the band took a pause to talk to the crowd. During this time, the crowd took advantage to begin singing happy birthday to Cameron Spence just as Armbuster had requested. It was a very sweet moment that made them feel the intense love that Boston had for them. We also found out that it was Spence’s first time in Boston so the crowd was sure to make this a memorable night for Spence and the rest of the band, and that's exactly what they did. 



Some songs played over the course of the set were “I Can Talk,” “Sleep Alone,” “Something Good Can Work,” “Wonderful Life,” “Costume Party” and “Satellite.” Each song's sound was vibrant, dynamic, and irresistibly catchy. They saw Two Door Cinema Club blend indie-rock sensibilities with electronic elements. Some of the most noteworthy songs played that night, and some of my most favorites from the band were (of course) “Undercover Martyn,” “Sun” and “What You Know” which is the song the band ended the wonderful night with. It was evident that these iconic hits from Two Door Cinema Club held a special place in the hearts of fans, old and new alike. 

Part of what made the moment so unique during a few of these beloved tracks was the realization that they had found a resurgence in popularity thanks to their viral success on TikTok. I have been a fan of Two Door Cinema Club since middle school, and so I realized how truly remarkable it is when some of your long-time favorites make their way to social media and gain more popularity. It was almost as if everyone in the crowd that night was singing along to these songs because of how popularized they have become. It makes sense that these songs went viral because they are truly some of the best melodies I have ever heard and they deserve the hype. If anything, I'm glad that these songs I listened to as a kid are still being heard and loved. 



If it wasn't already clear, I would definitely call myself a fan of Two Door Cinema Club, so it was a very special experience to be in attendance at their show Tuesday night. This concert was particularly special because it brought up so many feelings of nostalgia. When I was in middle school, songs from Two Door Cinema Club were on repeat in my headphones. To hear some of what I considered to be my favorite songs back when I was in middle school live was such a wonderful experience. I was transported back to a time when their music was the soundtrack to my most memorable moments. It made me remember how much I love their music and why I put their songs on my playlist in the first place. I can definitely tell you that some more of their songs were added to my playlist that night as well. 

Whether you were a longtime fan or someone experiencing Two Door Cinema Club for the first time, the concert had something for everyone. As we exited the venue, it was evident that the night had left a lasting impression. Fans of Two Door Cinema Club reflected on the exhilarating performance and the shared moments of fun and musical bliss. If feelings of nostalgia weren't already felt at the show, they will surely pursue the unforgettable night of immersing ourselves in Joywave and Two Door Cinema Club's music.

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