Show Review: Fans Indulge in Girl In Red’s Italian-themed Reprise

Photography by Fiona Hurwitz

By Isabella Kohn, Staff Writer

Artist: Girl In Red

Venue: MGM Music Hall

When: Friday, April 12th

Energy circulated throughout MGM Music Hall as friends and family laughed, trendy pre-set music played over the sound system, and the openers radiantly practiced for Girl In Red’s first night of her Doing it Again Tour. As a college student amid finals season, I was in dire need of a distraction from the academic commitments of my day to day. I did not know this as I got ready for the show, but the moment I stepped foot at the venue and felt the excitement and energy of Girl In Red’s fans, I knew the Girl In Red concert scene was what I needed. 



For the first 30 minutes of the concert, the LA-based indie-rock band Momma delivered dynamic performance after performance. In addition to older favorites like “Bang Bang,” they played some of their new singles, all of which I swore to add to my playlist once I returned home. Along with the nearly blinding and colorful lighting, Momma took over the stage in front of a very excited audience. The loudness of the music, along with all the head-bopping, got me invested in the band and excited for the main event. As a first-time listener, I found Momma was the perfect antipasto for the full-course Italian meal Girl In Red was about to serve.



Marie Ulven’s (Girl In Red) set was what I understood to be an Italian fun scene. It didn’t scream Italy to me at first, but it had some influences here and there, with a large hood overseeing the left-hand side of the stage. The hood, explained the singer, came about from thinking it would be cool and “fun” to have an Italian-inspired lamp-like shade lighting up the place. The lighting mashed so wonderfully together with the music. The set also included a large screen playing moving graphics, filled with colors and symmetries, visually enhancing the performances. As different songs were performed, different graphics would play, and lights would switch colors, making the experience immersive and serotonin-inducing. Ulven’s artistic vision, topped with her energy, made the concert set-up a huge success, gaining approving nods and shouts from the audience as she explained how her vision came to life. It was brilliant. 



Girl In Red surely knows how to make an entrance. She kicked off the first night of her “Doing it Again” tour with (drumroll please) “…DOING IT AGAIN BABY.” The room’s energy was off the charts, and the singer and her accompanying band showed off their magnetic chemistry. She then got the crowd roaring by performing some of her “oldies” like “Bad Idea” and “Girls.”

Now, here are some of the other songs that made the show experience a memorable one:


“I’m Back” was quite the departure from the singer’s more energetic performances to her most vulnerable ones. From jumping and dancing on stage, Ulven transitioned to sitting in front of a red piano (which she joked she wasn’t actually playing but was part of her Italian-inspired set). While sitting, she delivered a heartfelt performance fit for the vulnerable lyrics escaping the singer’s lips. The song is quite literally what the title implies. She is back on stage, sharing the energy and artistic prowess she so naturally exudes. Not only is she back after a 3-year hiatus of not touring, but she is now back “better than ever.” The song delves into the singer’s dealings with mental health, expressing the “darkness” that sometimes envelops her. Yet, its lyrics carry a hopeful tone that “the good life” is “right around the corner.”  



“Pick Me”  encapsulates the emotion behind wanting someone to choose you over another. The lyrics speak of the singer’s dealings with her sexuality and insecurity. She shares in an interview with Apple Music that the song is specifically about the singer’s insecurity and jealousy within her relationship with her bisexual girlfriend. 

I was confronted with a lot of my insecurities, and I had to put them somewhere. I put them into this song,” she said via Apple Music. While Ulven vulnerably poured her heart out in song, people in the audience put up hearts with their hands in support of the singer's emotional performance. 


As the show continued and she performed iconic songs like “My Girl” and “Midnight Love,” I grew to admire Girl In Red's comfort in being vulnerable in front of her large audience.

In addition to always keeping it real, her time with the audience was fun throughout. It peaked towards the end of the show, especially when she put her “Sabrina mode on” while beginning her performance of “You Need Me Now? (ft. Sabrina Carpenter).” She even handed the microphone to someone in the audience to do Sabrina’s part. Once she grabbed the microphone back, she said “I might just jump down there.” Moments later, she got up close and personal during a surprise mosh pit, earning some more excitement from the audience. 



From beginning to end, Girl In Red’s performances exuded a charisma that transformed the venue space into its own little world. It’s a world where you can dance, scream, cry and enjoy the singer’s vulnerable yet exciting performance to your heart’s content. It’s also a world where you can get a bit of distraction from the day-to-day clutter hanging in the back of your mind. Whether you are there with others or by yourself, the Girl In Red concert scene is truly a refreshing experience that leaves you wishing you could relive it!

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