Pick of the Week: Brandi Carlile “Right on Time”

Graphics by Ainsley Basic

By Meghan Hockridge, Program Coordinator

Brandi Carlile is back and better than ever with her new song “Right On Time.”

The last release from the artist was her collaborative record with the Highwomen two years ago in 2019, and her last solo album, By The Way, I Forgive You is now more than three years old.

Carlile has been settling into her life as a full-time mom with two young kids. Her music always sheds an introspective light on important moments in her life, and her next album is right on time.



The song opens up with just her own voice and some piano, which both sound like they were beautifully recorded in the middle of a ballroom. From the very beginning of the song, we can already hear the ballad that is about to unfold. Through the first chorus, we still only hear that simple orchestration, highlighting Brandi’s incredible voice. Slowly the song builds, adding drums and backing vocals, until the second chorus completely opens up the song, filling the room with sound. The band takes over for a moment allowing the piano, drums, and guitar to all melt into each other. Brandi brings the song back, ending with the title line “but it was right on time.”



“Right On Time” is the first single off her upcoming album, so there is more music to come. She and her band have some shows lined up through the spring of next year. As of now she doesn’t have any Boston shows planned, but she will be coming to Tanglewood in Western Mass at the end of this month. Her new album “In These Silent Days” will be coming out on October 1st.

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