Playlist: Summer Songs to Warm Your Heart

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Graphics by Nicole Bae

By Tatum Jenkins, WERS Staff Writer

The temperature is just starting to get above 40 degrees, but sometimes here in New England, it can still feel like the dead of winter. I know I would kill for a bit of sunshine on those cloudy days.

For me, the most effective way to find that bit of summer in these gloomy, winter-like days is through some upbeat summer songs. Here are some songs you can listen to now to make you feel like you're on a beach in July, even if just for the duration of a song:

"Bad Decisions" - The Strokes

This is the second of the two singles The Strokes have released after seven years of no new albums. It gives off total '80s/The Cure vibes, and any song with that kind of sounds instantly puts me in a great mood. It's also a perfect introduction to The Strokes, as it's a high-energy song. This track is sure to warm a cold heart after months of endless cold.

"She's Electric" - Oasis

I went through a massive Oasis phase in eighth grade, and "She's Electric" hasn't left me after all these years. Compared to some of the other songs on their album Morning Glory, this song's energetic guitar brings out a cheerful enthusiasm absent from the other tracks. I love the album as a whole, but "She's Electric" has a special energy that brings some light into my life.

"In Between Days" - The Cure

I have a thing with pop '80s songs and summertime. For some reason, they go together in my mind. This is a classic Cure song with Robert Smith's essential vocals and a smidge of pop, combined with raw guitar and drums. While there's lots of repetition in the lyrics, it makes for a song that anyone can pick up on. This makes for a good road trip song when the early 2000s songs get to be too much, but your friends still want to sing along.

"Promises" - Beach Bunny

This song is a classic alternative song with heavy guitar and strong vocals. It gives me early Paramore vibes, but happier. It has the angst that's perfect for the winter months, but holds a passion that cannot be mustered in the winter. I mean the band itself is called Beach Bunny, so this song is meant to be a summer song. Thankfully, you can manifest some warmer vibes with "Promises."

"Talk Too Much" - COIN

This song has more of a pop element than some of the others mentioned, but still maintains that stripped-down element present in alternative/indie music. It has a catchy beat that's perfect for running around on the beach, and can even accompany a cold walk outside. Be sure to make it a quick walk, though, because you technically only have 3:07 minutes with this track.

"Your Reply" - Frances Quinlan

This song is slower compared to the rest, but it fits in perfectly. Frances Quinlan has a really unique voice that complements the simple instrumentation very well. Even though her music isn't conventional pop, it's very enjoyable. A lot of my friends have started listening to her because I played one of her songs for them. Summer isn't all loud, head-banging moments. I think this song represents those quieter, beautiful moments, especially in the winter when those moments are more prevalent.

"We Belong Together" - Vampire Weekend

Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend's most recent album, came out in the summer, but I'm still listening to it. This song brings in the talent of Haim member Danielle Haim, and the combination of two amazing groups makes for a beautiful harmony. This song reminds me of driving through the forested California mountains on my way to the beach. It has that kind of light energy that can make the dimmest day seem a little more cheerful.

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