‘Playing’ It Forward at Rosie’s Place

WERS employees and listeners volunteering at Rosie's Place.
WERS employees and listeners volunteering at Rosie's Place.

- By Gabe Allanoff -

Back in December, WERS committed to donate one hour of volunteer work for every $500 raised at our Community Service Fundraiser. This past week, our staff, students, and devoted listeners came together to help out at Rosie's Place, America's first shelter for poor and homeless women.

Ashley Peterson handles the membership department at WERS, and the fajita department at Rosie's Place. She said, "We're playing this donation forward on behalf of our listeners - and it feels great. We get to make a positive difference in a way that builds our own community while building the community that we live in." Ashley volunteered every day last week.

WERS Promotions Director Erin-Jean Hussey worked the lunch shift on Monday. She said, "It's been a really great turnout this year. February is usually a really hard time to get people to volunteer, whether it be at Rosie's Place or anywhere, and it's also the time that they need it the most, so I think it's really great that we do this at this time of year."

Monday's lunch served nearly 100 women and children.

Erin-Jean sliced the french bread that complimented a delicious fish soup, served by long-time WERS listener, Dave Amentola. He paid close attention to the ratio of broth to stock that each guest preferred. Dave said, "Rosie's Place has a special place in my heart, and I imagine quite a few people's hearts. So, to me, the little that I can do, volunteering once in a while, is kind of important. I try to do it as often as I can." This is Dave's fourth shift at Rosie's Place. He added, "So, for those folks that say they don't have the money to give to a charity, then don't, come in and volunteer. Find an afternoon, or a day when you can come in. It's easy to sign up, and the folks who are permanently working here are awesome. It's all very satisfying."

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