Pick of the Week: The Avalanches “The Divine Chord”

Pick of the Week: The Avalanches ft. MGMT & Johnny Marr
Graphics by Kevin Shin

By Nora Onanian, Staff Writer

"The Divine Chord" is one of many unexpectedly genius collaborations off The Avalanches' latest album, We Will Always Love You. The Australian electronics duo composed of Tony Di Blasi and Robbie Chater released their much anticipated third studio album in December. With featured artists ranging from Kurt Vile to Denzel Curry, the songs draw in elements of all different genres. And while each of the 25 tracks offers a unique listening experience, the group's signature electronic sounds unify the album. 

In "The Divine Chord," The Avalanches' electronics alongside vocals by MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden and guitar from Johnny Marr work together to produce a dream-like sound. Unlike the band's mostly instrumental songs, "The Divine Chord'' has two full verses of lyrics. VanWyngarden sings of struggling to make a relationship with someone work when their expectations don't meet reality. They are let down by the versions of each other built in their heads, but the singer is willing to "keep the fire burning as long as can be." After the final chorus trails off, the dreamy collage of sounds cuts out, evoking the same sudden snap to reality captured by the lyrics. 

For more of The Avalanches' ambient music, check out the rest of We Will Always Love You or past albums Since I Left You and Wildflower. You'll find collaborations with musicians like Leon Bridges, Karen O, Kurt Vile and more.

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