Pick of the Week: Sunflower Bean “Baby Don’t Cry”

Sunflower Bean
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

By Mason Standish, Staff Writer

Long Island New York-based indie-rock darlings, Sunflower Bean, deliver a foot-stomping and tear-jerking new tune with their recent release "Baby Don't Cry." Staying true to the sound that originally put them on the radars of rock enthusiasts, the brash and moody bass and percussion help enforce the punk vibe that fans of the group will be familiar with. 


Utilizing vocal echo and instrumental delay to their advantage, a depressing, beckoning tone is created that places listeners directly into the shoes of the number’s unnamed protagonist. The sound created also builds an entirely unique auditory environment. Creative use of reverberation helps to highlight the sense of longing expressed within the song, adding further to the overall immersion of the piece. Its aggressive and spatial instrumentals give "Baby Don't Cry" a relentless energy that perfectly juxtaposes the moody lyrics. 


Penned by band members Julia Cumming and Jacob Faber, the lyrics tell the relatable tale of not being able to return to a 'normal life' following an immense heartbreak. Much of the narrative revolves around how it is human nature to be reminded of your trauma through everyday occurrences. Events such as cooking certain foods, certain music playing on the radio, and watching television are presented here as catalysts for bringing up sour emotions. Throughout all of this, however, the lyrics enforce that even in the face of sorrow, don’t fully break down. The haunting, constant return of the lyric "baby don't cry'' serves as a reminder of the struggle being presented. The feeling of swelling emotions is maintained throughout the song, but never reaches a breaking point. 

To encapsulate the feeling of Sunflower Bean’s latest single is an undertaking. Breathtaking studio production and creative use of audio techniques all help contribute to the total uniqueness of the piece. For an energetic take on heartbreak check out Sunflower Bean's latest!

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