Pick of the Week: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Wild God”

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By Kathia Dawson, Urban Coordinator

Australian rock legends Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds draw from post-punk and gothic-rock, while also blending elements of gospel and electronica, to create their versatile sound that moves you to the beat.

The band is irrevocably tied to lead man Nick Cave, and his journey in dealing with love, personal grief and addiction. In addition to the band, Cave works on solo projects, is a published writer and has been featured in films. His lyrics have been praised for their honesty and poeticness. 

As one chapter ends, another begins. The band’s journey started when Cave and another band member Mick Harvey’s former band, Birthday Party, ended. The Australian pair met at a boarding school in Melbourne, and the band has since experienced multiple lineups consisting of international musicians. 



Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ most recent song, “Wild God,” plays with mythical and biblical imagery. Cave sings about a lost, wild god in search of what everyone else is looking for. “He a wild God, searching for what all wild Gods are searching for.” The elements of rock come together with Cave's raspy voice building up for almost five-minutes. In the song’s outro, the voices of a choir loop, creating a holy feeling or a god-like finish. 

Cave previously struggled with heroin addiction, grief and the loss of his two children. While he doesn’t identify with the Christian faith, he stated that the stories of Christ have always influenced him. This song is one of his most clear examples of this influence. 

By the end of the song, you feel like you’re on top of the world, and that’s exactly what Cave wanted. In an interview when talking about the song, he states, “When [the ending] hits, it hits. It lifts you. It moves you. I love that about it.” 

The band’s sound evolved from primarily rock when Harvey, the other original member of the group, left the band to spend time with his family. Afterwards, they experimented with electronic and ambient styles of music. You can hear this in their last three albums. 

The band bridges genres, forms and lineups to create a complex (alternative, or post) rock sound with elements of gospel similar to that of Jeff Buckley’s, Elliott Smith’s and Mazzy Star’s music. His lyrics are as meaningful and deep as he expresses his grief through music, comforting people around the world. 



Cave’s music career spans most of his life, but he’s not done creating music. While his music is not gospel, it includes the comforting elements of it. He explores the tribulations of life through his music, giving solace to and gracing people with his poetic lyrics. 

The song “Wild God” is a teaser for their upcoming album, also titled Wild God, set to release on August 30th. 

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