Pick of the Week: Lucy Dacus “Kissing Lessons”

Lucy Dacus, Kissing Lessons
Graphics by Sarah Tarlin

By Amber Garcia, Staff Writer

Lucy Dacus’ latest single “Kissing Lessons” comes only a year after her latest album release Home Video. Supposed to be in her previous album, the song was cut because it was too cheerful. 



The American singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia is known for her intimate music, and “Kissing Lessons” is no exception. The song speaks about two girls in adolescence who are friends, but there might be something more. 

Dacus spoke about her sexuality in an interview with the New York Times, saying, “Gay is the overarching word, queer is the better overarching word and more specifically bisexual or pansexual,” she says. “I have no allegiance. I think gender is a joke.” Lucy Dacus is very open to her audience, she wants her fans to know her life, whether it’s something intimate, or random. 

The outro of the song sings, “Rachel's family moved out of town, I don't remember when we stopped hanging out, but I still wear a letter R charm on my bracelet, and wonder if she thinks of me as her first kiss.” While the lyrics are sad, the song is cheerful, her voice cutting through like always. Short and sweet, the song brings immediate joy with its playful bridge. “Kissing Lessons” is a nod to cheerful or melancholy memories. 



“Kissing Lessons” had a fun promotion. Beginning in late January 2022, flyers with the phone number (804) 409-4451 offered a minute-and-a-half snippet of the song when called up.

Lucy Dacus released a music video for the song, directed by Mara Palena. Tinged with nostalgia, it shows a young girl playing with her Gameboy, with young, bright colors. The music video feels like a time capsule to what we are assuming is Lucy in her youth.  



Lucy Dacus is currently on tour promoting Home Video. She will be in Europe, then back to the U.S, wrapping up in September. This includes a nearby concert date at the Strand Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island on March 24th.


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