Pick of the Week: Lake Street Dive “Good Together”

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By Mason Standish, Staff Writer

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Lake Street Dive delivers a soulful and captivating track with their latest release "Good Together." True to their signature sound that has garnered them a dedicated fan base, the smooth blend of jazz-infused instrumentation and powerhouse vocals creates an irresistible groove that hooks listeners from the first note. With a masterful combination of bass, drums and trumpet, the band crafts an easy-listening landscape that is both rich and dynamic. 

"Good Together" showcases the band's ability to whip-up infectious melodies while also delving into poignant lyrical themes. Penned by bandmates Rachael Price and Mike Olson, the lyrics explore the complexities of relationships and the struggle to maintain a sense of unity amidst adversity. Through vivid storytelling and heartfelt vocals, the song captures the bittersweet essence of companionship. 



The instrumentation in "Good Together" serves as a perfect complement to the emotional depth of the lyrics. From the soulful piano riffs to the pulsating rhythm section, each element contributes to the song's infectious energy and undeniable charm. The seamless harmonies between Price and the band members further elevate the emotional resonance of the track, drawing listeners into Lake Street Dive’s musical world. 

Despite the melancholic undertones of the lyrics, "Good Together" maintains an uplifting spirit throughout. The recurring motif of resilience and hope shines through, reminding listeners of the enduring power of love and connection. It's a testament to Lake Street Dive's artistry and good vibes that such woeful lyrics are made to be deliciously digestible. 



"Good Together" showcases Lake Street Dive's prowess as musicians and storytellers. With its infectious melodies, soulful vocals and poignant lyricism, the song is sure to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds. For a soul-stirring journey through the complexities of love and relationships, be sure to give Lake Street Dive's latest single a listen!

Plus, be on the lookout for more singles as the band gears up to release a new album — also titled Good Together — on June 21st. 


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